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When the supraspinatus shoulder muscle is compromised either from excessive lifting, pressure, overuse, injury or tearing, the bursa (fluid) can become inflamed. Inflammation of the bursa is called bursitis and can cause a great deal of pain.

Frozen shoulder is often a result, which many people visit their General Practitioner for as the first point of call.

As the story so often goes, “I went to my GP, then had scans, then had cortisone injections” ALL before even ever having been referred for physical therapy!

The issue with this route of treatment is, at no stage has there been an investigation as to what “caused” the pain condition. Many times we find that the injury has had quite a lead up, rather than a sudden out of the blue condition that many people assume.

This is where a thorough assessment comes in. The reason cortisone can often lead to continued pain in the long term, though it can be successful, is because it does not deal with the root cause of the condition, but the symptoms (inflammation and pain).

If the root cause is not changed and corrected, then the same habits that lead to the restriction will continue. This is why cortisone injections can often be a quick fix solution, 

‘Download Shoulder Injury Recovery Guide 

We have several clients who have been experiencing pain and restriction with a shoulder bursitis issue for as long as they can remember. They’ve seen many Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and even Myotherapists who haven’t been able to provide a solution.

Now after a couple of treatments they’ve been experiencing far less pain and restriction and are finally on their way to a recovery that seemed to be out of their reach (no pun intended).

A recovery pathed not only from treatment but also from their modified daily routine. Finally realising that using the Advanced Myotherapy team as a conduit; THEY are the solution they’ve been looking for!


“Thank you for opening up my shoulder for me.  I have more movement in it and can move my head a lot more now.”

Repa Patel

“I severely dislocated my right shoulder in Jan 2013. I’m a painter by trade and play cricket. I’m also right handed. Which left me wondering if i could ever paint properly and for long durations again. Playing cricket was also possibly out of the question. With Matthew Cleary’s advice, knowledge and ability to physically help me recover with treatments and him educating me on maintaining my shoulder with corrective exercises etc. I’ve been able to paint full time and play cricket with no issues at all.”

Hamed Rushton

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