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Comprising of bones, nerves, joints and muscles, musculoskeletal disorders are treated my Myotherapists who are trained specialists in this area. Muscles join bone to bone which forms the foundation of the structure of the body. The focus of Advanced Myotherapy is not only the treatment of root causes of conditions, as well as their painful symptoms, but on lengthening and strengthening the muscles in order to maintain and promote strength and flexibility. 

These are two key principles that we place importance on as Myotherapists for the purpose of increasing mobility, range of motion and physical alignment. For the full effects of Myotherapy to be gained, it is normal for a person to have 3 – 5 sessions for lasting results of most musculoskeletal conditions. Disc herniation is a common problem that often affects the lower back, given these discs normally absorb the greatest pressure from the spine. The next most common area for disc herniation is your neck, given the weight it carries in holding the head, affected by the pressure of poor posture.

Common signs of disc herniation

Disc herniation happens when poor posture leads to irritation from the spine placing pressure on the nerve roots. A common sign of disc herniation is constant pain, numbness or tingling in the leg, foot, arm or hand or shooting pain in the lower back. Pins and needles sensation is another warning sign of this condition which impinges the nerve roots. Weakness in certain areas or the inability to stand straight / tall is often the result of pinched nerves. 

If being recommended for surgery, always seek a second opinion. Surgery is invasive and often results in further pain and long term restricted use. In most cases it is largely preventable and easily avoidable with correct treatment, advice and care. Musculoskeletal disorders can easily be reversed using myotherapy to correct causes and relieve resulting pain. Below are a few examples of what is possible with the right treatment care.

“I’d like to thank you for the awesome work on my back and legs. 6 months ago I couldnt walk. Doctors said they could do nothing and now I have done the dandenong mountains 1000 steps 2 weeks in a row. You are a life saver. I feel so much better and happier with all the pain gone. Keep the good work up. Again thank you” – Nazih Dib

“Running a highly demanding corporate organisation with a family at home, I came to Advanced Myotherapy on recommendation, for the severe pain down my leg. I am now free from the debilitating pain I was constantly in. I highly recommend Advanced Myotherapy for anyone seeking better health.” – Lazarus, Skillup Australia

“I had doctors telling me I needed surgery,  now they are scratching their heads after seeing my follow up scan only months later. NO more herniated disc!” – Grant Smith, Sound technician

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