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Already we see so many friends getting colds, congestion, and cramping as Winter sets in. Winter brings a whole new set of challenges, especially for the immune system. This is why it’s so vital to protect and support it from the inside out.

Some of the things that are well known for helping people overcome winter symptoms are quite simple, which is why we want to share them with you. It doesn’t have to be a struggle if we take small and simple steps towards a holistic self-care routine.

  1. Ginger warming

The first Winter staple we recommend for most people is Ginger. Using fresh ginger in soups, stews and teas is a fantastic way of clearing “cold” conditions in the body and is known for aiding digestion, which can slow down in winter.

2. Lymphatic massage

Beyond nutrition and hygiene, being the most influential factor in supporting natural immunity, the mind body connection also plays a vast role in the condition of our wellbeing. We can use all the natural remedies we like, but when stress is left unaddressed, much of our efforts go to waste.

This is where regular body treatments to help the body stay on track, balanced and mobile is a great way to prevent symptoms of sickness during Winter. Massage and Myotherapy are among very few modalities to work with the lymphatic system to support the immune system, which is why it tends to have fantastic results in keeping the doctor away.

3. Detox with Apple Cider Vinegar

You may or may not know that toxins have much to do with developing a cold or flu. Built up in the body over time (through lifestyle and or environment for example)… the body’s way of detoxing is actually by getting the “flu” – similar to a chimney letting off smoke. The flu is merely a symptom of the fire burning below.

Incorporating detoxifying and clearing remedies is one of the greatest ways you can prevent getting sick. Drinking shots of Apple Cyder Vinegar regularly when you feel a little sluggish or simply as a preventative health measure, can go a long way in clearing and breaking down any inflammatory congestion within the body.

We love to add a cap full in our morning orange honey tea and you wouldn’t know that by itself it doesn’t taste very nice blended this way. In hot tea, it actually tastes quite nice. Even small children can enjoy this drink!

4. High Strength Vitamin C

Maintaining balance in the body with both nourishment and clearing (detoxifying), can be simple if we just learn to make it a habit to look after ourselves rather than forget about the importance of such lifestyle factors influencing our wellbeing!

Vitamin C is so underestimated when it comes to immune function in so many ways. Cellular protection is one if it’s biggest selling points for us. Camu camu is one great example of a high strength whole food source of vitamin c. This is something that has 60 times more vitamin c than oranges!

Blended with juice or added to a smoothie is a beautiful way to boosting your immune system in Winter. Alternatively, berries and broccoli are an awesome source of vitamin c…but no matter where it comes from, it’s vital to be be mindful that you are getting enough during winter!

5. Cardio clearing.

Giving the body a regular “spring clean” by getting out for a walk in the warmest part of the Winter days can go a long way in helping get things off your chest…both mentally and physically. This also helps you keep mobile and maintain your thoracic range of motion to keep muscular stiffness away.

6. Nutrition must knows

We are all about keeping it simple. We are also massive advocates for whole food “medicine”  and understanding the energetics of foods. Knowing that in Winter we absolutely need warming foods is important. Generally, ensuring you eat a diet based on well cooked nourishing meals, loaded with plant foods, you will fair well in Winter.

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy and love vegetables! Plant food is so vital and important as an essential element of nutritional wellbeing. It is one of the most influential factors in all functionality of the body. One thing worth slowing down for is food! We live in such a fast paced world with horribly consumed “fast food” when a little mindfulness around our meals could go a long way towards our wellbeing.

7. Fitness and Muscle health

As a Myotherapy and Remedial Massage clinic, we are huge advocates of maintaining muscle health. There are so many reasons why, but importantly in Winter is natural immunity. One way to keep the doctor away in Winter is by remaining active. The lymphatic system os a huge part of the immune system, where lymphatic fluid needs to be drained in order to help detoxify the body.

Movement is a fundamental way of maintaining the function of our immune system by supporting the lymphatic “pump” which is actually, purely muscular…as not too many people know. Muscle health plays an incredible role in Holistic Wellbeing and therefore we cannot recommend highly enough that you seek regular treatment. This is one fantastic way of preventing not only pain symptoms but potential illness.

So…in saying this, we look forward to seeing you soon. Stay well and keep warm!

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