Spring Self Care Essentials

A little self care goes a long way this time of year! Well, not just this time of year! We have had the worst flu season on record so we thought it would be a great time to share a few simple yet essential elements of preventing chest complaints and congestion as we move through Spring. One of the best and safest ways to not only prevent but recover from chest infections and complaints is with high dose vitamin c supplementation. Grab some from your local health store and add to a glass of juice twice a day during times of sensitivity.
Some people can find it becomes acidic and can be unsettling or flare up conditions such as gout or heart burn. To counter balance the acidity, you can drink bicarb or simply make sure you use a low acidity vitamin c powder. Vitamin c is one of the most well known immune system supports. This is one of the best ways you can help and protect yourself during what is and has been such an incredibly vulnerable time for many.

    Allergies in Spring

    Naturally as the environment fills with pollen and pathogenic allergens with wind picking up this time of year, we must be on guard. Some of the things to watch out for is going out in windy weather, opening your windows when there are strong winds and areas of the home that dust accumulates. Regularly cleaning dust is the best prevention tip for Spring.

    Vital Spring cleaning & how to tips

    Many people these days have front loader washing machines. This is a trouble spot in the home when it comes to moisture build up and potential mould problems. Avoid this and remedy such problems with a solution of vinegar, water and a mild detergent. Essential oils of tea tree and clove are also great at helping keep mould at bay.

    Make sure you keep the bottom rubber door entrance clear of water to prevent mould. Simply use a cloth specifically for this purpose (to avoid any potential cross contamination) to wipe out any water each wash.

    Watch out for window ledges and anywhere that is close to moisture like this. These are possible health hazard spots in your home that need close attention. Use the same protocol as the washing machine for this, and pretty much most if not all areas of your home. Another key is to open up the home regularly on mild days. This encourages the air to circulate and prevent any airborne allergens to build up in the home.

    Using Essential Oils Safely for congestion

    Eucalyptus is fantastic. One of the best essential oils for congestion. The best way to use it is in a difuser in the home and a few drops on the shower floor to clear the respiratory system.

    It is not safe for young children under 7 however so ensure they are not in the bathroom when using it or around the home when diffused.

    Essential oils are fantastic to help with allergies but it’s always best to consult a qualified Aromatherapist for safe use if you are not experienced with Essential oils.

    Injury Prevention as we get more active

    Most of us become more active after Winter as the cold can keep us indoors more. As we warm up, it’s important to prepare ourselves for any strenuous exercise by building strength and stability. This is especially important for new mothers after pregnancy and birth.

    Pelvic instability is something that needs attention before heading back out after having a baby to your previous physical activities.

    Building strength with gradual and balanced resistance training is a safe way to ensure you prevent injury regardless of your lifestyle. For those who do weight bearing training, stretching becomes vital and as we like to say, you must lengthen and strengthen for muscle balance overall.