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Self Care Education is our passion at Advanced Myotherapy. It’s why we published several books about it. One of our first books Self Care Medicine and our Moving Beyond Pain books, talk a lot about pain prevention and correction!

One of the topics we discuss at length in Moving Beyond Pain is how we can so often avoid pain simply by stretching through any resistance in the body.

The key to effective stretching is staying in the comfort / discomfort zone and not pushing past this to a painful place. Being gentle but persistent is essential. As we like to say, persistence overrides resistance. 

This is all you need to stretch away restriction. Regular time out to unwind.

Beyond stretching, the next best recommendation for muscle pain remedies we have is “heat”. 

Heat therapy is one of the ultimate forms of muscle care we have. For this reason we have designed our own wheat bags at Advanced Myotherapy which hold the wheat in place rather than allowing it to move around when placed on certain areas of the body.

This is what keeps the heat in to effectively relax any stiffness. In addition to Stretching and Heat therapy being our top recommended remedies for muscle pain, Self Care really is about “maintaining” our bodies.

Seeking professional help not only for the treatment but also for the prevention and maintenance truly is the most powerful way we can avoid muscle pain.

Manual therapy is a must for muscle pain if you want a fast recovery. Modalities like dry needling, cupping, remedial massage and trigger point therapy, combined in Myotherapy are wonderful natural tools to help ease and eliminate pain fast.

Not only does Myotherapy and Remedial Massage help promote lymphatic flow and the elimination of toxins to support the immune system, especially helpful in Winter, but it’s an essential element to many people’s stress management strategies.

So to keep it simple, there are literally just a few key things to remember!

  • Persist through resistance – stretch away restriction
  • Beat Winter stiffness with heat therapy
  • Seek professional maintenance for pain prevention

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