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“I had doctors telling me I needed surgery, now they are scratching their heads after seeing my follow up scan only months later. NO more herniated disc!” – Grant Smith

Grant Smith came to Advanced Myotherapy by word of mouth, seeking a second opinion after being recommended surgery for a Herniated disc. Grant had seen many different kinds of therapists prior to coming to Advanced Myotherapy and was hoping to finally get some results. 

Within a couple of months of receiving regular treatment and corrective self care education, not only did his lumbar spine return to normal, but his surgeon was astounded at the recovery shown by his MRI scan!

Not only did Grant return to work after a long period not being able to, but he is now able to do boxing and live the quality of life he previously was prevented from living with such debilitating pain, tingling and numbness. 

Here’s Grant’s testimonial after treating him for his disc herniation.

See the few key steps Grant took that anyone can take, in order to not only recover from but ALSO to AVOID a Herniated Disc recurring or from ever happening include:

Regular Myotherapy treatments to keep the muscles in good working order and to maintain mobility! Mobility is key to prevent the restriction that LEADS to the potential of a herniated, slipped or bulging disc! I know from experience that it’s not fun!

Using heat therapy is another AWESOME way to soften the area of any restriction and pain, to restore mobility and function to any group of muscles. Our wheatbags are incredible if you don’t already have one. Matt’s mum makes them;)

Lastly, making sure you stretch enough is essential, along with regular exercise and in fact, if you do have an injury, we highly recommend clinical exercise therapy for recovery (and of coarse prevention).

This will ensure you have both sufficient muscular “length AND strength”, to maintain the optimal function and mobility!

Disc herniation is usually the result of muscular imbalances (when one muscle group is stronger than its opposing muscle group which compromises posture) and tension which leads to irritation of the spine placing pressure on both spinal discs and joints.

    Fortunately, bulging, slipped and herniated discs can be both reversed and prevented with corrective care such as Myotherapy treatment and self care education. 

    At Advanced Myotherapy we take on a non invasive approach to injury recovery. In most cases, spinal disc problems are reversible with corrective treatment.

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