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Our February promotion of 1 month Unlimited classes with Maintenance Care Packages  (as seen on our homepage) has been so popular we have decided to roll it over to March!  With this roll over all Myo-Balance classes will now be valued the same as the Strength based classes. See our Myo-Balance info page here.

This means, when you buy 3 treatments, you not only get one FREE, but you also get Unlimited Myo-Balance classes for one whole month! What an opportunity! This is incredible value and allows you to decide exactly what results you want. 

Also new this month for those of you who may not know, we just had our second Dual Book Launch for Heal Yourself and Moving Beyond Pain! This was a beautiful day and those who made it along, made the celebrations incredibly special so a BIG THANK YOU to you all!

For those who missed it, these books attracted a lot of global media attention including an invitation to be interviewed for a documentary being created in the states on Pioneers in Medicine! So we are just blown away by the response!  Because of this dual publication, we were featured in over 100 different media releases globally so we could not have dreamed of anything more.

So thank you to all of our inspirational clients who helped make this possible by showing us the power of Self Care! This is why we continue to do what we love each day!  To get your copy of either book simply head to our online store.

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