Founding Director Matthew Cleary

Matthew Cleary has been a Myotherapist for 14 years, establishing Advanced Myotherapy in 2008. Through word of mouth referrals alone, without ever advertising, Matthews client base grew to the point where he recruited his team at Advanced Myotherapy. Matthew is part of the historical AFL success of the Brisbane Lions, working with them through achieving 4 consecutive Grand Finals, with 3-peat premierships from 2001. He has been a highly sought after therapist since working with the team for ten years. Offered his own full time clinic with the Brisbane Lions at the GABBA, Matthew chose to stay in Melbourne, opening Advanced Myotherapy.
As an industry leader, Matthew has been consulted by many fellow health professionals in clinical practice and skills development, and provides ongoing support, training and professional development at Advanced Myotherapy. In 2013, Advanced Myotherapy received 2 service awards, while Matthew co-authored his first book Self Care Medicine, A Guide to Living Well. Matthew now maintains a full client base at the clinic where he leads a highly reputable team of Myotherapists.
With some of his clients traveling interstate for treatment, he has become renowned for his success in helping people prevent surgery and recovery from debilitating injury. Here’s what some people are saying about what Matthew has done for them:

“There are so many opinions as to which of the practices to choose, be it chiro or osteopathy even bowen therapy. My opinion…It depends on the practitioners. FEW in each feild around Australia, and perhaps the world, have the ability to heal. Not just treat the problem send you on your way, but to find the Source of the problem. To help you minimize future recurrences by teaching you about your body and it’s movement. Matt at Advanced Myotherapy is one of these rare practitioners. My job requires alot of heavy lifting. I surf and skateboard and play golf. So I can be sore and broken on a daily basis and when it’s been bad Matt has fixed me every time AND has given me the know how to alleviate minor issues or self  maintain. I don’t go anywhere else now... – Kris Rachmanczuk, TV Sound Technician


Are you Jesus? I saw three doctors and went to the St Vincent’s ER ward and after all this testing they sent me home with no explanation, treatment or prevention advice.

I see you, give me some therapy and home treatment, I literally sat in a bath of ice for 20 minutes only twice yesterday and BOOM, swelling has disappeared this morning. I cannot begin to thank you, such a simple solution but all too hard for the medical board to pinpoint. You are a legend! Thanks a heap, I’m over the moon.” Danielle Giordano

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Advanced Myotherapy in 2014

As we enter our 2nd week back we would like to wish you an awesome year as we arrive in February to the Chinese Astrological Solar Year of the Yang Wood Horse. Given that the Horse is the zodiac sign with the greatest “Yang” energy, being the Yang Fire animal, this is a time where balance becomes vital. Energetically this means that any health issues relating to the “fire element” of the body-mind-spirit can be exacerbated.

The fire element relates to the heart, the central nervous system and the spirit. This means that people with sleeping issues will now face even more challenges to balance their “fire element”, along with those facing emotional challenges or suffering with neuro-muscular pain. This year we need to care for our nervous system by maintaining musculoskeletal balance, emotional wellbeing and sound stress management / lifestyle medicine.

It’s the year to have Lavender on standby, as one of the many helpful essential oils that helps calm and sooth nerves, reduce pain and ease emotional stress. Aromatherapy works on the Nervous system and is therefore a fantastic modality for “fire element” imbalances. This year, any imbalances of the fire element within our own energy, body and health, will be more notable, making it important to look after these areas of our health.

As you can imagine, even with little understanding of the “five elements”, the elements that bring balance to the fire element include, water…to put out the fire, meaning to keep the nervous system under control with cooling properties to prevent overheating and stimulation. Water element can be reinforced with plenty of rest, water, hydrating plant foods, salt therapies and swimming of coarse. Also helping to balance excessive fire element is the “earth element”.

Earth element can be supported with plenty of natural earth foods, especially those that are sweet and grounding like pumpkins. Earth element can also be supported with regular physical activity and meditation to calm the mind. So as you can see, this year, there is plenty you can do to maintain inner balance, including regular self maintenance with Myotherapy. Myotherapy in particular helps with neuro-muscular pain that can lead to both spinal and nerve damage if left untreated.

So remember, prevention is far better than any cure. And don’t forget, your habits create your health. So keep well this year and take care.