8 Ways to Better Your Health

Here we suggest 8 simple and practical changes that you can make to enhance your quality of life through better lifestyle choices that make the difference. Smart, easy and realistic, these ideas are small but significant changes that you can make in your life towards living healthier and having more energy.

1. When going shopping, out to dinner or on your way to work, park a few blocks away to have more walking distance.

Fresh air is one of our most basic needs, yet today most people spend most of their time indoors. We were not born to live this way or designed for such environments. Too many buildings have millions of toxic chemicals contained just within the paint on their walls, let alone the building materials and furnishings. People wonder why there is such a rapidly growing rate of health problems, yet most of their time is spent in such detrimental environments that overload the immune system to cause weakness long term. 

2. Take the stairs when and where ever you can. 

When there are elevators or escalators, take the smarter option of doing some resistance training. Walking up and down stairs is a great way to tone up the legs and gluts. It’s a small change that over time will make a big difference, especially if you work or live in a building with stairs. It all adds up.

3. Think of drinking water as the same thing as taking a shower, only for your organs.

Would you shower in soft drink? Why would you shower your organs with it? Water provides lubricant and cushioning for the organs to function better (more intelligently). “Drying is dying.” So drink water, rather than coffee for energy as water is a far better source of energy. Warm water especially is the best cleanser, helping to flush waste from the body and move things along in the system for better digestion. Besides, the less hydrated you are, the quicker you wrinkle and age. 

4. Swap sugar, not for “artificial” sweetener, not for “natural” sweetener, but for Honey.

Honey has looong been used as a great healer. It’s well known for its “antibacterial” properties and ability to break down mucous, clear cold and flu congestion and heal skin problems like wounds. It does matter what quality of honey you have though so be sure to buy only the best. Don’t use runny honey. The best is raw, thick honey that has not been heated and treated or watered down. Raw honey is nature’s gold!

5. Snack right!

Stock up on easy to eat plant food. It’s simple and it’s the “real” fast food. Nature prepared it, ready to eat! Celery sticks, ready to go, wash and break off. You don’t even really need a knife…that’s how fast it is. So don’t use “convenience” as an excuse that you are hungry. That is why we call it dis-ease pre-vention. It’s pre-paring, by caring…about your health. Buy plant foods like celery and cucumber, apples and bananas. They are ready to go, straight from the source. 

6. When dining out, share your meals.

Don’t order two entrees and consider sharing a main that everyone or at least two of you can enjoy together. It saves money too. That way you won’t feel uncomfortably full and heavy afterwards. Food is supposed to energise and nourish, not weigh down and tire. Consider down sizing everything you eat. They say “The less you eat, the longer you live.” So eat a little, moderately. People too often think they are hungry, when really they are dehydrated. Next time you feel what can be mistaken for “hunger pains”, drink up and see how much better you feel.

7. Quit tv or use it as time to get down and sweat it out. 

TV can be poison not only to the mind, but the body. It has been found that you burn more energy when sleeping than when watching tv. If you can’t give yourself a little test of time out from tv, say a week or two, to see the difference this makes, then use the time productively. Work out when watching the set. Or swap your cooking shows for work out dvds. Sweat is fat crying, so a small half hour of power a night could change your life rapidly. It’s another small change with big potential.

8. Break your dependence on the Doctor. 


Next time you feel a symptom coming on, research it and find natural home remedies that cost “nothing”. Most Doctors prescribe drugs rather than educating you around the simple steps to self recovery. In fact, Doctors are not  trained in “health” at all! They are trained in sickness and drugs. It’s well known that more than 96% of Doctors have not training what so ever in nutrition or health. In all those years of training, not one subject is on nutrition and natural remedies? Consider this next time you seek their “help”.  

At Advanced Myotherapy our passion is helping you avoid resorting to toxic pharmaceutical dependence, that causes long term health defects. Our focus lies in leading people away from destructive means of pain management and towards conscious self care, balance and wellbeing. We have a high success rate helping people avoid and prevent surgery where recommended by Doctors and pride ourselves on the fast and long term results we have a reputation for. If you have concerns for your health or have been diagnosed with a musculo-skeletal condition, recommended surgery, or have a persistent injury and pain, and would like professional help to recover fully, call us to discuss how we can help on 9347 5764.

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Kick that pain in the butt

Glute and Hip pain is caused by stiff muscles surrounding the weight bearing hip joints. Lower back and pelvic tilt issues can also contribute to hip problems and at Advanced Myotherapy we have a number of effective techniques of tackling the root causes of these imbalances for lasting results.  
We have helped many people avoid taking pills or resorting to surgery for issues like sciatica and hip problems, which has often times been the very first recommendation. With correct treatment and self care advice many of our patients have been able to recover from such problems with ease. 
Hip pain and glut tightness can come from trauma to the area from accidents, slips or other types of injury, causing problematic symptoms like sciatica and nerve root compression. In some cases hip pain is developed due to a lack of strength where as glut tension can be a result of inflexibility or incorrect sitting posture.
The nerve roots compression that develops sciatica and hip pain can lead to serious long term degeneration and premature ageing. What we do at Advanced Myotherapy is find the cause of the such problems by making a thorough assessment, so as to direct the approach of treatment.
Our treatment is advanced with prescribed self care to prevent further issues and pain as well as improve the issues at the core of the problem. 

To increase the speed of recovery from hip and glut pain it’s important to maintain a healthy body weight and normal range of motion. Weight resistance training is an important aspect in avoiding injuries related to weakness and poor muscle health. We have a number of self care techniques that our clients swear by, in effectively treating glut and hip pain. If you would like to know how to kick that pain in the butt, give us a call today. 

We at Advanced Myotherapy Carlton would love to hear from you if you have any questions and are looking to manage pain naturally without drugs or costly treatments without any real results.  




Banish that pain in the neck

Too many people suffer needlessly too often with preventable neck pain that can easily be treated affectively with the right skills. Its our lifestyle in the world today with computers a central aspect of most businesses, job roles and studies, that causes much of the pain. Manual labour and poor habits tend to govern much of our life which too often winds us up to the point of excruciating tension. 

With Hairdressers, cutting and blow drying hair all day long and administrators, sitting wrong and for far too long, what’s most important for our long term health is posture correction and reversal. What Myotherapists do is exactly that. 

Myotherapy targets muscular imbalances in order to align the body, correct the posture and release the pain. We approach neck pain with a hands on technique of getting to the core of the problem, assisting the neck to restore natural range of motion and stability with stretches, manipulation and prescribed corrective self care plans. 

Key to our successful practice is the strong educational support to help you make the needed changes for lasting results and long term freedom. Our passion is to create independence from the costly pharmaceutical approach to pain management. We believe that this route is an ineffective way of masking the real underlying problems by dulling the nerves and compromising the body’s intelligence.

Using deep and soft tissue manipulation, dry needling and cupping, our treatments combine the best techniques to resolve the root causes of neck pain. If you have had persistent pain and only been able to temporarily achieve relief with other forms of treatment, then Myotherapy is worth trying. 

People turn to us when they are seeking lasting results, beyond short term relief. If you would like to banish that pain in the neck for good, call us today on 9347 5764 to book an appointment.
Advanced Myotherapy is an experienced and qualified team who successfully treat many debilitating injuries, pain and muscle imbalances. Our passion is helping prevent unnecessary and costly surgery and drug dependence for pain management. We pride ourselves on fast & long term recovery and self care education for smarter lifestyles and posture health.

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Healthy Habits – July News

Our Top Healthy Habits to Help you through July 

The number one cause of back pain is sitting wrong or for too long.
As you sit right now, take a moment to sit straight and feel the strength in your stomach and back. Take note of how well they are supporting your posture. Most muscular problems that don’t come from injury, accidents or trauma, are a result of weakness and stiffness. July in Melbourne is one of the most challenging times to stay fit and maintain muscle health, which makes it even more important to strive that little bit more.
Avoid problems with pain this month with sufficient self care practices and make it your priority to keep a routine and commit to your health by surrounding yourself with health and fitness goal reminders this month.

Our number 1 recommended healthy habit for this month is “resistance training”.
Weight bearing exercises and resistence training is important to prevent joints and cartilage wearing down, which can lead to arthritis. For every hour you sit at a desk, keeping strong can be as simple as doing a set of exercises targeted to a specific area a day. You may like to set yourself a new target area for each day of the week. It can be a simple 10 sit ups, push ups or squats each hour to break sedentary work and maintain muscle strength.

For those who do keep a solid fitness routine, it is even more vital to maintain flexibility with longer stretches that last at least a minute or two each side of the body. Another important aspect of stretching is repeating each stretch at least once on each side. This is a great way to experience the difference between the first and second time, with regard to how much more relaxed and flexible the muscles are after the first stretch.

To see our instructional album “Simple Stretching & Self Care” for the different muscle groups; Click here

We recommend stretching at least 15 minutes every day for long term health benefits to really take shape. A good time to stretch is first thing in the morning to help wake you up as well as allow for deeper release while the muscles are still warm and relaxed from being in bed over night. Also remember to be gentle on yourself while stretching. Flexibility comes from practice, naturally. Commit to regular practice and you will see results. Forcing a stretch may only lead to injury so it’s important to simply allow the muscles to release as opposed to forcing them. It feels far more therapeutic this way as well.

That’s all from us for this month. We hope you enjoy good health through July as you apply these principles and would love to hear from you if you have any questions.

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Here you will find a wealth of information on the different problems and conditions we treat, as well as how to help prevent and reverse them yourself at home.
We hope you enjoy.

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Give foot pain the boot

Pain in the facia area underneath the foot, often comes from long term posture imbalance through activities that cause misalignment of the centre of gravity / core of the body.
This results in strain on the planta facia which is the biggest risk factor  of insufficient sports recovery when it comes to planta faciitis / heel pain.

Sufficient rest is a crucial part of successful recovery from heel pain, as it often originates from lifestyle factors over time without enough recovery from sporting activities and poor foot wear.

Planta Faciitis/ Heel Pain is often quite a painful and restrictive injury that can also be a result of poor fitting foot wear or long term wear and tear from endurance sporting activities like running, as well as insufficient recovery and rest.
The effective treatment of Planta Faciitis involves not only Myotherapy techniques and modalities, but the vital role of guided, correct self care and home maintenance.

Foot wear can be a major contributing factor leading to Planta Faciitis/ Heel Pain. This is one of the first factors considered in the successful treatment and rehabilitation of this injury.
There are also great stretches that we prescribe that help reduce the tightness in the planta facia which can make a huge difference when done correctly.

Rolling balls underneath the facia is a very effective method in relieving the pain associated with planta faciitis.
Downward dog is also one of the most effective Yoga postures in releasing the facia and relieving heel pain that comes with this injury.

Planta faciitis is a result the connective tissue in the planta facia essentially being worn down or tight, and can be a very painful restrictive injury if not treated properly. 
Often a matter of wear and tear after long term overuse in endurance sporting activities such as running or wearing poor quality shoes such as high heels.
If you suffer heel pain or planta faciitis, call us today to find out how we might be able to help.