Why we hold so much tension in our jaw

Many people hold stress and tension in their jaw / TMJ unconsciously. Often when someone doesn’t realise what is causing the pain they will opt straight for pain killers. Our therapists work with clients to educate them in the individual causes of TMJ disfunction and how you can both reverse and prevent the condition from recurring.

A tight jaw can be excruciating and the best thing about Myotherapy is that it can draw upon a number of different modalities in order to release the muscles causing the pain. Dry needling and Massage are just a couple of ways Myotherapists can help in the recovery process.

The tempormandibular joint / TMJ muscle (masseter) is the strongest in the body relative to it’s size!  Given this, it is the most prone to tension in the body! In fact, I know as a Mum who has given birth twice without pain relief, that one of the best ways to help bith progress well is to focus on relaxing the jaw! We hold so much tension there!

The jaw can take a lot of pressure! The problem is, jaw clenching can lead to a multitude of symptoms including headaches, earaches, reduced quality of sleep and teeth grinding and pain. Even worse is, the more tension we hold the more energy we spend and the less we have! This lowers our ability to manage stress and function at our full potential.

So what is the primary cause of TMJ disfunction and pain?

As with most chronic pain, often it is Suppressed emotion!

Most importantly, how can one find relief from masseter tightness?

Using oils that act as sedatives including lavender oil blended in olive, coconut or some other carrier oil is fantastic for self massage. Magnesium oil is another fantastic remedy to help relax muscles. Drinking calming herbal teas like chamomile an also work wonders in assisting the relaxation process. In addition to seeing a Myotherapist, making sure you do the “Inner Work” to clear the repressed emotions is the most powerful way you can recover from such condition.

Taking a good look at what stresses you and minimising those key areas will be the ultimate healer, be it from self criticism, high levels of self imposed pressures and responsibilities…there are many ways you can outsource your workload in life, which will make an immense impact in your recovery.

Exercise and lifestyle are also key pillars in being able to manage stress well, so ensuring these two essential elements are providing balance in your life will play a big role in dealing with any ongoing TMJ / masseter problems.

“I have chronic tmj and recurring pain in my right shoulder and neck, diagnosed since 2008. I have tried chiro, osteo, physio and massage for several years and had little effect and a lot of financial outlay…I am extremely relieved by the treatment and impressed with the knowledge, empathy, professionalism and insight of the practitioners.I feel that ongoing treatment with advanced myotherapy will aid my recovery and potentially treat my condition. I would highly recommend this practice and myotherapy and dry needling”

Clareissa Holm