Healthy Choices at Home

It is important that we vote with our dollar when we are out shopping for both living and personal body products. The power is in our choices and when we choose to care for our immediate environment and its health, we are ultimately affecting the world around us. Each person is energetically like a pebble in a pond. By our existence alone, our influence is radiating out into the universe. We all play a huge role in the environment in which we live and are powerful beings. 

There are many products that we use from day to day and it can be a huge wake up call to just monitor the amount of harmful and toxic chemicals each of these contain. It is scary when you begin to do just a little research on exactly where each of these chemicals came from and how they contribute to various detrimental health hazards over time. Ignorance can be bliss, but it is also proving to be catastrophic in the long term as we are all here as the ancestors of generations to come.

In just a few short years, our environment has become a very scary topic. People think that they are powerless in when it comes to the environment and that it is all up to the government to make the necessary changes. This is a huge misjudgment. We as ordinary people, have the power of choice. If we choose to live consciously, we can begin one by one to eradicate the poisonous toxic health hazards, that we have come so used to living with on a day to day basis.

The best place to start is at home in your immediate surroundings, over which you have the most power. This is the one place where we have freedom to choose whatever we want. Begin with the bathroom, where you store all of your personal body and skin care products. This is usually a very powerful experience, just to clean out the shelves. Beginning to read the labels of each product you may be surprised at what nasty chemicals you have come to use on your body.

The next areas of concern to look for, is the shower and bath cleaners, anti mould products and bleach based products. Bicarbonate Soda and vinegar used with a scourer, is a very simple and easy, healthy alternative to these nasty toxic cleaners. For personal care products, there are a range of alternatives on the market. Visit your local health food shop, there is usually a number of different organic herbal products that are safe, and many of the products you find in health food shops contain herbs and oils that are known to promote health and wellbeing, and stimulate the senses.

Once you have been through your bathroom and personal care products, go to the kitchen and clear the cupboards there. Look out for the oven cleaners, bench top and surface cleaners and the floor cleaning products. For a healthy product with equal power to any kitchen cleaning spray, mix together 300ml water with a tbsp Castile soap and a tbsp pure vanilla essence. Shaken well and used as required, you will find this to be just as effective. A good anti mould product, for all wet areas around the home is a mix of 200ml water and 40 drops of pure tea tree oil in a spray bottle.

For baked on grime in the oven, use Enjo marble scrub. Another alternative is vinegar and Bi carb soda spray. Vanilla spray is also very effective, so say good bye to all the poison heavy duty oven cleaners from the supermarket, and enjoy better health for both your body and your home. All it takes is a little extra love and care for preparation, which is actually much more enjoyable and rewarding as a process. For a great floor cleaner, use 2 tbsp of Castile soap in warm water with 10 drops of tea tree oil.

Another problem area in the home is the toilet. Toilet bowl cleaners, sprays, air fresheners and bleach based cleaners are all harmful products. Mix up 300ml of water with 2 tbsp Castile soap and 20 drops of tea tree oil. Shake the bottle well and spray the bowl when cleaning. For an air freshener, mix together 200 ml water and 20 drops of essential oil of your choice. Shake well before spraying.

In the laundry people commonly use harmful washing powders and liquids, fabric softeners and ironing aids. A healthy selection that is already available at supermarkets is Award or Planet Ark. There are also a number of other products such as Envirocare, Natural Organic Instinct and Herbon that are all available at health food stores. If you want a natural and safe fabric softener, throw a handkerchief in with 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil, in with the washing on the final rinse.

When it comes to tough stains, do not use chlorine bleach, it is better to soak them with either oxygen bleach or Borax, which is available at the supermarket. For ironing aid, use liquid starch sparingly. Dilute it in a spray bottle and spray onto clothes from a distance. Instead of using carpet deodorizers, mix half a cup of bi carb soda with 20 drops of essential oil of choice and sprinkle over areas to be vacuumed. Leave for 15 minutes before you start vacuuming.

For indoor insecticides, use citronella candles that are soy based and not paraffin. Peppermint oil on cotton balls in cupboards can be used to deter mice. For dog bedding you can use essential oils of thyme, lavender or eucalyptus in water to make up a spray. This can also be good to use in areas that are walked over more frequently. Another problem area that can easily be solved is air fresheners, general sprays and electrically released perfumes.

A natural uplifting alternative is to use Aromatherapy. A few drops of essential oils in an oil burner with a tea light candle underneath will give any space a more pleasant mood. You can also mix up a spray with 200 ml water, a tsp of pure vanilla extract and 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 5 drops of bergamot essential oil. This is a great spray for stuffy areas. With all of these alternatives to house hold cleaning products, you will find your shopping trolley a lot less full. The more you can eradicate chemical waste around the home, the more you begin talking with your dollar.

After a while you will begin noticing what a difference this makes, especially for those who tend to suffer from chest congestion and asthma or allergic reactions. When your surrounding environment is clean and healthy, you will also benefit. Over time you may even notice you are more sensitive to harsh chemicals in other environments and be able to see the hazardous effect these are having on the health of not only buildings, but also the occupants living in them.

There is an abundance of people living with unnecessary products that do much more harm than good. Ill health is very much avoidable more often than not and a good place to start is with lifestyle choices that support the health of both your body and environment. Organic food and body products may cost more but you are most definitely getting what you pay for.

You will either pay for your health now or you pay for it later. The choice is yours. What surrounds you, you end up breathing in, and what you apply to your skin, ends up in your blood, as the skin is also a breathing organ. That is why people use patches on their skin when trying to quit smoking. This is for the simple fact that whatever you put on your skin ends up in the blood stream. Take good care to remain aware of the products you are using. Many of the widely available and heavily marketed range of products are dangerous in the long term.

Our advice is, do your research.

Spring Back from Winter

Less than a month until Spring is back & the Sun shines through the Winter clouds! And as usual, we have news.

This month we are announcing our new “Symptom Specific” treatments designed specifically to target problem areas, tight spots and injuries to help you Spring back to recovery.

New to Advanced Myotherapthy, 30-minute targeted treatments have never been offered before, given there are so many muscles in the body to get through in less than an hour. Though we have been seeing more and more clients walking through the door with all sorts of injuries from sports to work or accident related strains, that we would be silly to focus on anything other than the issue at hand.

And everyone knows that we don’t like to send people home with ongoing complaints. Especially since yesterday when we had two professional athletes drive 6 hours from interstate, JUST for treatment at Advanced Myotherapy!

So…needless to say we don’t like to dissapoint, and are pleased to announce our New 30-minute Symptom Specific treatments.

Well it’s August again and at Advanced Myotherapy we are seeing so many tight muscles, tensing up to protect the organs inside from the cold…and though we know it’s easy to forget, we would like encourage maintaining the habit of applying heat to stiff muscles in the Winter’s cold. Remember to use your Heat / Wheat bag regularly during these colder times.

On that note, we shall leave you now with a refresher of last August at Advanced Myotherapy in recognition of the 1 year anneversary of our new website, and shall look forward to celebrating our 4 years since establishing Advanced Myotherapy next month with the launch of our first book together, titled Self Care Medicine. Until then, stay tuned on facebook & twitter for regular updates, tips and inspiration.

August at Advanced Myotherapy

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8 Ways to Better Your Health

Here we suggest 8 simple and practical changes that you can make to enhance your quality of life through better lifestyle choices that make the difference. Smart, easy and realistic, these ideas are small but significant changes that you can make in your life towards living healthier and having more energy.

1. When going shopping, out to dinner or on your way to work, park a few blocks away to have more walking distance.

Fresh air is one of our most basic needs, yet today most people spend most of their time indoors. We were not born to live this way or designed for such environments. Too many buildings have millions of toxic chemicals contained just within the paint on their walls, let alone the building materials and furnishings. People wonder why there is such a rapidly growing rate of health problems, yet most of their time is spent in such detrimental environments that overload the immune system to cause weakness long term. 

2. Take the stairs when and where ever you can. 

When there are elevators or escalators, take the smarter option of doing some resistance training. Walking up and down stairs is a great way to tone up the legs and gluts. It’s a small change that over time will make a big difference, especially if you work or live in a building with stairs. It all adds up.

3. Think of drinking water as the same thing as taking a shower, only for your organs.

Would you shower in soft drink? Why would you shower your organs with it? Water provides lubricant and cushioning for the organs to function better (more intelligently). “Drying is dying.” So drink water, rather than coffee for energy as water is a far better source of energy. Warm water especially is the best cleanser, helping to flush waste from the body and move things along in the system for better digestion. Besides, the less hydrated you are, the quicker you wrinkle and age. 

4. Swap sugar, not for “artificial” sweetener, not for “natural” sweetener, but for Honey.

Honey has looong been used as a great healer. It’s well known for its “antibacterial” properties and ability to break down mucous, clear cold and flu congestion and heal skin problems like wounds. It does matter what quality of honey you have though so be sure to buy only the best. Don’t use runny honey. The best is raw, thick honey that has not been heated and treated or watered down. Raw honey is nature’s gold!

5. Snack right!

Stock up on easy to eat plant food. It’s simple and it’s the “real” fast food. Nature prepared it, ready to eat! Celery sticks, ready to go, wash and break off. You don’t even really need a knife…that’s how fast it is. So don’t use “convenience” as an excuse that you are hungry. That is why we call it dis-ease pre-vention. It’s pre-paring, by caring…about your health. Buy plant foods like celery and cucumber, apples and bananas. They are ready to go, straight from the source. 

6. When dining out, share your meals.

Don’t order two entrees and consider sharing a main that everyone or at least two of you can enjoy together. It saves money too. That way you won’t feel uncomfortably full and heavy afterwards. Food is supposed to energise and nourish, not weigh down and tire. Consider down sizing everything you eat. They say “The less you eat, the longer you live.” So eat a little, moderately. People too often think they are hungry, when really they are dehydrated. Next time you feel what can be mistaken for “hunger pains”, drink up and see how much better you feel.

7. Quit tv or use it as time to get down and sweat it out. 

TV can be poison not only to the mind, but the body. It has been found that you burn more energy when sleeping than when watching tv. If you can’t give yourself a little test of time out from tv, say a week or two, to see the difference this makes, then use the time productively. Work out when watching the set. Or swap your cooking shows for work out dvds. Sweat is fat crying, so a small half hour of power a night could change your life rapidly. It’s another small change with big potential.

8. Break your dependence on the Doctor. 


Next time you feel a symptom coming on, research it and find natural home remedies that cost “nothing”. Most Doctors prescribe drugs rather than educating you around the simple steps to self recovery. In fact, Doctors are not  trained in “health” at all! They are trained in sickness and drugs. It’s well known that more than 96% of Doctors have not training what so ever in nutrition or health. In all those years of training, not one subject is on nutrition and natural remedies? Consider this next time you seek their “help”.  

At Advanced Myotherapy our passion is helping you avoid resorting to toxic pharmaceutical dependence, that causes long term health defects. Our focus lies in leading people away from destructive means of pain management and towards conscious self care, balance and wellbeing. We have a high success rate helping people avoid and prevent surgery where recommended by Doctors and pride ourselves on the fast and long term results we have a reputation for. If you have concerns for your health or have been diagnosed with a musculo-skeletal condition, recommended surgery, or have a persistent injury and pain, and would like professional help to recover fully, call us to discuss how we can help on 9347 5764.

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Benefits of Massage & Myotherapy

Muscle Therapy, including Myotherapy and Massage have been found to promote endless health benefits.
Myotherapy and Massage are found to have far reaching health benefits from reducing blood pressure to helping with stress management. In 2013 The International Journal of Preventative Medicine published a study revealing the incredible link between massage and blood pressure. In conjunction with the benefit of reducing blood pressure, the study revealed there was also a drop in markers of inflammation, suggesting massage doesn’t just help the heart, it has a far more holistic effect.
Reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, regular Massage has been found to help reduce the effects of aging.

A recent research study states that anxiety sufferers undergoing withdrawal from psychoactive drugs experienced both significant immediate and sustained reduction in symptoms. By improving the experience of the withdrawal process, providing patients with healthier approaches to managing the way they feel, the study concluded that massage may help retain patients within service areas, improving overall wellbeing. This study was published in the Journal of Alternative & Complimentary Medicine (2010).

Studies have also shown significant reduction of symptoms in endometriosis / painful menstruation sufferers, after receiving a series of (massage) treatments. Results showed that the severity of pain and symptoms subsided immediately and lasted up to six weeks. The research concluded that massage therapy can be used to reduce menstrual pain and endometriosis as an inexpensive method of treatment with no reported side effects. Findings showed that there was a significant difference between the intensity of pain before the intervention started and immediately after. This study was published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research (2010)
Research has also showed significant improvements in fatigue and insomnia in massage patients. Massage has been shown to promote fast recovery in patients who have undergone surgery for a range of conditions, even preventing surgery in countless cases. We ourselves at Advanced Myotherapy have seen a number of successful recovery cases who have previously been recommended surgery, but thankfully sought a  (our) second opinion.
Read some of our client feedback below.
“I’d like to thank you for the awesome work on my back and legs. 6 months ago I couldn’t walk and now I have done the dandenong mountains 1000 steps 2 weeks in a row. You are a life saver. I feel so much better and happier with all the pain gone. Keep the good work up. Again thank you” – Nazih Dib
“Told I needed surgery for Achilles Tendonitis, I wanted a second opinion. After treatment I became more aware of my own contribution to the condition and have since recovered fully without surgery.”- Theo, TNM Consulting
“I had doctors telling me I needed surgery,  now they are scratching their heads after seeing my follow up scan only months later. NO more herniated disc!” – Grant Smith, Sound technician
“I was diagnosed with CTA – carpel tunnel symcrome, tendonitis and fibromialga and was treated by a Psysio for 4 months once a week.  You have done more for me in one session  than the physio did in that whole time and the tingling is almost gone already.”– Malina Larm
“Self Care is the key word for 2012….highly advocated by Advanced Myotherapy ….thanks for the inspiration Advanced Myotherapy…..although I am ageing I get much more out of my body than ever before!”  – Cindy James
“Thank you for a great treatment today and the follow up plan. It was my first experience of a dry needling treatment today, I can truly recommend this treatment. Feeling more movement already.” – Sandra Cleary
“I had severe pain in my elbow and lost a lot of strength in my fore arm. Now I’m back to work as usual without restriction.” – Ramsey Pedro, Electrician
“Running a highly demanding corporate organisation with a family at home, I came to Advanced Myotherapy on recommendation, for the severe pain down my leg. I am now free from the debilitating pain I was constantly in. I highly recommend Advanced Myotherapy for anyone seeking better health.” – Lazarus, Skillup Australia
“Advanced Myotherapy came highly recommended to me for the treatment of my painful feet. I have now been able to maintain an active lifestyle with a more conscious awareness of recovery and self care.” – Cindy James, Interiors That Fit
“Success in the melbourne marathon in tough conditions a pb of 5.06 half an hour faster than expected! Legs feel great thanks to training and Advanced Myotherapy!”  – Joanne Baxas
“Thanks a lot! No matter what persistent pain I have, you make them disappear in an instant! You are a true PAIN MAGICIAN!!!”  – Veronika Nemes