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The Power Within Paperback

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From the inside out, our lives can transform in an instant. With one insightful decision and intention from the heart. The Power Within is one of the most underestimated hidden influences from deep beneath the surface of our lives.

“This book touched me profoundly! I just love and adore it and have read it three times to be honest. It just really resonated deeply with me and at the time was powerful.” - Bree Cowell, Bali

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” - Dr John F Demartini, Best Selling Author of Count Your Blessings

“This book offers hope and wisdom to all who have suffered loss and trauma. Leahs words will touch the reader deeply, not just because of the many struggles she has faced with grace and insight, but more importantly with the beautiful human resilience and growth that she exemplifies.

Her story is interwoven with seeds of transformation that she gently plants in the minds of those who read these pages, gifting all who are fortunate enough to experience this book the opportunity to choose to heal and grow through their own adversities. What a gift to share with the world.”
-Emily Hruska, Hypnotherapist

“The Power Within is a biographical journey bejewelled with wisdoms attained through hardships, and earnest study of great Arts and learned people, by a soul so young. It glitters with hope and astute insights punctuated by sobering realism.” — Melinda Zigarlicky, Kinesiologist & Yoga Teacher

“Leah’s wisdom astounds me and her ability to rise above the pain of loss and grief amazes me. It is excellent in the way she tells her story, incredibly brave to write and a revelation for those who may assume life has been easy. I am inspired by her resilience and courage.” - Marg Quon, Author of Bully Proof

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