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The problem with pain drugs is that they do not treat the underlying cause of the pain as Myotherapy and remedial massage do. 

Facilitating long term recovery with corrective care is our passion at Advanced Myotherapy. Below are a few ways that Myotherapists promote the recovery of Sciatica.

Check out our previous post  “6 Stretches to Reverse Sciatica” for more tips here. 

One of the best alternatives to drug treatment for sciatic nerve pain continues to be to following simple steps:


Some of the most important changes you can begin with today include regular (daily) corrective stretching.

Focusing on the legs (particularly hamstrings) and gluts, to reverse sciatic nerve pain is essential to reduce pain and bring relief. 

Secondly, lying on a ball help under stiff areas (particularly the glutes) is a form of “trigger point therapy”.

Holding position where the pain is most acute for several minutes or until fully released, is one of the most instant ways to gain relief.

The key to getting results with such self treatment at home is in holding position for long enough to allow for full release.

Heat (using a wheat bag)

Applying heat to the area using a wheat bag is another almost instant ways to reduce pain and soften muscle of the problem area.

Heat relaxes the tight muscles enough to let them soften to release the affected area, and take the pressure off the discs compressing the sciatic nerve.

Last but not least, regular Myotherapy or Remedial Massage works to restore full range of motion for less pain and restriction. 

One of our clients Diago had sciatic nerve pain on and off for months! Forced to take time off work and stay home, unable to do anything, he discovered Advanced Myotherapy.

Diago said his first treatment reached muscles that he didn’t even know about. Just one day after treatment, he could walk properly without any nerve pain.

Understanding sciatica is key to helping heal faster and prevent the painful condition returning.

When lumbar spinal discs are compressed by surrounding muscular restriction, the sciatic nerve becomes impinged, leading to such pain.

Fortunately, there are natural, drug free alternatives to surgery and Myotherapy is one.

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