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It’s certainly crazy times out there right now in our world! Please remember there are multiple reasons for mask exemptions. You do not need a medical certificate for such exemptions, only an explanation should you be asked by police.

Please…please… Do not judge those not wearing a mask! We’ve heard all kinds of crazy stories in a matter of just DAYS from merely our friends!

So… we’re just touching base with you because we know that Melbourne is doing it tough right now! Many people are mentally not doing the best because we are after all, essentially SOCIAL beings! Humans NEED touch!!!

To quote a friend’s recent post, something you may have heard of… during WW2 there was a ward of babies left essentially without human contact other than tending to basic needs. The result: They mostly all died! From lack of human interaction!

So, while we are still able, we are SO SO SO GRATEFUL that we are “allowed” to continue offering our services! Because touch is so powerful! We know this so well at Advanced Myotherapy.

More than that, we wanted to touch base and share just a few words on what it is we feel to be VITAL in this incredibly challenging time.

This is what WE are doing to minimise the impact of what’s being imposed during this time. It’s not to say it’s what will work for your family! We only hope that it may offer some “inspiration” for you o implement your OWN measures.

1. Turn off the idiot box! Seriously! It’s called a Tell-A-Vision Program for a reason! Media sells you a narrative that they themselves get PAID to sell you!

2. Keep moving! Movement is life! Let one of the greatest philosopher’s of all time be your inspiration. Bruce Lee was more than a brilliant martial artist! We just LOVE this remix video made of him and felt you might like it too…especially during a time of great restriction!

3. You may have heard the old saying from “The Secret” documentary… “Energy flows where attention goes”. One of the featured teachers in this documentary was Dr John Demartini, who is also one of our long time mentors.

Having read many of his books and been a student of his for so long, I can highly recommend reading the “Count Your Blessings” book. Right now…we could all do with this shift! WHY?

So many reasons!

There is ALWAYS so much to be grateful for! I wrote a whole chapter on this in my first book “The Sacred Psychology of Healing”. It is called Blessings in Disguise.

Just look for them and you will find the blessings. If you focus on what’s missing in life…you will miss what’s there!

We’ll leave you with that for now…and hope that we see you again soon.

Until then, take care dear friends! We hope you stay well and keep looking after yourselves! In this world, it can be such an act of rebellion in itself;)

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