Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 8AM - 8PM

Victorian Myotherapists have been urged to take a more conservative “interpretation” of the DHHS Guidelines surrounding the current stage 4 lockdowns, as other states continue face to face care.

It is with incredible sadness that we receive the news from our Industry body Myotherapy Australia, however Advanced Myotherapy, remain limited to Consultation only for the remaining lockdown.

For those struggling with acute pain and injury under these lockdowns, please call us for options. We are able to offer tele-health during this time and remain “open” to provide this as a service until restrictions ease.

While we have our own feelings around such matters and the handling of current circumstances, we wish to remain a safe and trusted provider for those we care for, as we grapple with these lockdowns alongside our fellow Victorians.

Please do search our blog database for any injuries you may be dealing with as there is a wealth if wisdom there with many years of blogs! We also offer a number of downloadable e guides to various injuries and rehabilitation.

Until our doors open again, we look forward to seeing you soon. Take care!

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