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Advanced Myotherapy & Remedial Massage are passionate about treating back pain! Most of our clients come to us with either back, neck or shoulder pain… often more than one at a time.

Often times, it is one muscle group pulling on the other that creates a snow ball effect. This is where Remedial Massage is incorporated into treatment in order to bring about release and balance. This is the work that restores the mobility and pain management you’ll find so many of our clients talking about!

Reading over the hundreds of reviews we have, you’ll see that there are a few key areas that clients keep coming back to us for Remedial massage & Myotherapy. It’s this very feedback that demonstrates just how effective Remedial Massage can be in treatment Back Pain and other muscle pain!

So, in looking at this data from our online reviews, readily available from google, we thought wed share our thoughts as to why each of the top 10 review words have been mentioned so many times about us online.

But before we do, we want to thank each of our clients for their beautiful feedback for our team! It’s your generosity that continues to help others discover us and us, help an ever greater number of people in the community!

From the “horses” mouth! These are the words below that our Remedial Massage & Myotherapy clients have used the most in their reviews of Advanced Myotherapy!

In the order shown here exactly:

Our top 10 Review Mentions

(Wellness) Clinic
Neck (Pain)
(Corrective) Exercises
Dry Needling
Walk (Mobility)
Space (Relaxation)
Understanding (Education)
Pain Management

In the brackets we added language to help ad context to our clients words.

We feel that this ‘data’ shows exactly what it is people seek us for and appreciate about us most.

These are the things that WE feel are important, especially for a Remedial Massage & Myotherapy clinic! Environment clearly matters, and it’s something we believe strongly.

This is why we offer a carefully considered Massage space / clinic environment for our clients to feel the most at ease.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Remedial Massage Treatment

Number 2 is “Neck”… which is one of our top treatment areas today.

For such symptoms, our corrective self care education is something we feel makes a big difference to the results our clients are able to achieve! (Read our reviews to find out for yourself).

Dry Needling is evidently another highly sought after treatment for injury recovery which many of our Sciatica clients receive.

Able to “walk again”

The word “walk” which we have represented by “mobility” in the image here… shows just how many people come to us with walking difficulty and pain!

This is because we have always been passionate about Sciatica Treatment… and are known for this.

Just seeing this word as one of the top mentioned in our reviews is a great reminder that… corrective treatment can be the key to recovery in such conditions!

Above you’ll see how Myotherapy literally helped Frank walk straight again, with our before and after video! Don’t take our word for it! You can see it right there before your own eyes!


Check out our countless testimonials here. You’ll find numerous reviews with clients sharing their stories about how they could “hardly” walk when they came to us! It’s one of the most inspiring aspects of our work to this day!

Reading such feedback brings us such great joy!

Self Care & Rehab Education

Next we have “understanding” where we have used Education for context. Knowing that this is what our clients value brings us a great sense of joy!

Because it is the education we offer that we are most passionate about! We feel deeply that this is the biggest “difference maker” in our work!

When a client walks away with a new found sense of understanding… we know we have done our job! Because it’s with understanding that they can then change their habits most effectively!

Pain Management

And lastly… we feel “chronic” and “pain management” speak for themselves! Love this so much!

Remedial Massage is something that we pride ourselves on at Advanced Myotherapy! All of our carefully selected team members are first and foremost qualified and experienced inn Remedial Massage.

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