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Valerie had been experiencing numbness and tingly sensations in her right quad for several months.

With myofascial release work on the affected area, her numbness and tingly sensation was gone by the end of the session. She was recommended specific hip flexor and quad stretching as well as sleeping on her back!

Previously Valerie was sleeping on her side however when educated on why sleeping on the back is optimal and why sleeping on her side was less than ideal, she changed this habit and was able to maintain having no pain until her next visit.

Valerie is a great example of how Myotherapy works well for such injuries. Advanced Myotherapy treat people with a wide range of injuries including leg pain on a daily basis.

Here are just a couple of testimonials from other clients we have helped recover from quad pain.

“I’d like to thank you for the awesome work on my back and legs. 6 months ago I couldn’t walk and now I have done the Dandenong mountains 1000 steps 2 weeks in a row. You are a life saver. I feel so much better and happier with all the pain gone. Keep the good work up. Again thank you”

Nazih Dib

“Ive been treated by many Myo therapists up until I met Matt and his team at advanced Myotherapy. The treatments are second to none! As a semi professional athlete that still works a full time job my body requires regular A-class treatment, not only do the guys at advanced myotherapy provide that, they educate you on self care!!!!  From the moment you walk into the clinic, the energy and professionalism is on point!” -Andrew Erzen

“There are so many opinions as to which of the practices to choose, be it chiro or osteopathy even bowen therapy. My opinion: It depends on the practitioners. FEW in each feild around Australia, and perhaps the world, have the ability to heal.

Not just treat the problem send you on your way, but to find the Source of the problem. To help you minimize future recurrences by teaching you about your body and its movement. Matt at Advanced Myotherapy is one of these rare practitioners.

My job requires a lot of heavy lifting. I surf and skateboard and play golf. So I can be sore and broken on a daily basis and when its been bad Matt has fixed me every time AND has given me the know how to alleviate minor issues or self maintain. I don’t go anywhere else now.”

Kris Rachmanzuk 

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Quad pain recovery we often recommend.

These Self Care exercises can help release tight muscles to restore length and reduce leg pain.

  1. LUNGE- QUAD STRETCH: Great for lower back pain to correct anterior pelvic tilting especially in people who sit much of the time.
  2. This is a QUAD STRETCH – Sitting on heels (deepening the stretch by bringing the heal next to the hips, leaning/ lying back, on the hands, elbows or flat with more practice.
  3. Here we demonstrate a lung and standing variation of a quad stretch. In order to deepen the stretch, ensure you tilt the pelvis upwards, tucking your tail bone. 

Advanced Myotherapy has a strong focus on Self Care education when it comes to results based treatment. Our therapists provide a thorough assessment and consultation throughout treatments in order to address the root causes of muscular imbalances.

If you have had recurring quad pain complaints with only temporary relief from other forms of treatment, get in touch to find out how we could help you or simply click Book Now. 

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