Hygiene Measures – A Matter We take Seriously

With restrictions lifting, we are aware some people have increased concern for the potential risk of infection. This is why we took a moment here to share our measures of adhering to infection control guidelines, as per our Health Professional Government training.

We have had a number of clients bring up their concerns about Covid-19 and ask us what our protocols are.

In response, we would like to share once again, what measures we are taking to prevent infection within our clinics.

1) All team members have a Certificate of Completion of the Government Infection Control Covid-19 Training.

2) Our clinics have hand sanitiser on reception we ask clients to use upon entering the premises.

3) Our therapists wash their hands thoroughly as per health department guidelines and our existing OH&S policy and our industry guidelines (after every booking and for 20 seconds minimum).

4) We have professional commercial cleaners who clean our clinics weekly and staff in between.

5) Our team use anti-viral pure essential oil and alcohol as room sprays after each session, in addition to surface cleaning.

6) We space our bookings out with sufficient turn around time between clients.

7) All team members have face masks and gloves and wear these according to government directives..

8) We regularly wipe all used surfaces after use including door handles, eftpos machine, tablets, keyboards and mouse.

9) We ask that anyone with any symptoms of respiratory illness do not attend the clinic. This message is on our website and an automatically emailed message within our booking confirmations and in a text reminder 24 hours prior.

10) We change all towels after each booking and have our own commercial washer and dryer for laundry on premises. This means our linen is cleaned to the highest standard.

11) We do not ever allow a client to attend the clinics if unwell at all.

12) We are also meticulously clean and we always have been.

13) We no longer use touch intake forms in clinic. Forms are completed in the online booking process.

We hope that this provides some level of comfort to those who may feel anxious about the risk of infection.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask.

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