5 Natural Neck Pain Solutions

The leading causes of neck pain include:

  1. Misaligned shoulders that are typically rounded, which lead to:
  2. A poorly aligned neck (forward tilting), which leads to:
  3. Tremendous strain on the neck muscles, which leads to:
  4. Chronic pain, build up of strain, with potential long term effects (migraines and headaches, etc.)

Postural imbalance resulting in rounded shoulders and neck pain is also a common source of headaches!

Here are 5 exercises that are effective as home self care for the improvement of posture to reduce upper back, shoulder and neck pain.

  1. Foam rolling or laying on a tightly rolled towel and placing it under the spine – is a wonderful way to relax the shoulders back, opening the chest and pectoral muscles to reduce strain on the upper back and dramatically improve posture.

Doing so for up to 10 minutes to reverse poor posture at the end of each day is an ideal way to prevent pain from stiffness also effecting our overnight muscular balance long term.

2. To lengthen the muscles of the neck bring your ear to the shoulder, place your hand on the ear and gently guide your head to the shoulder to deepen the stretch. Hold for a minute each side.

3. Myotherapy is Muscular care for the restoration of spinal health and joint mobility. In this way, Myotherapy can promote neck pain recovery with better range of motion and mobility.

By restoring the range of motion to surrounding restricted tissues, causing imbalance, we are able to correct the problem at its roots for long term recovery from recurring migraines, headaches and neck pain conditions.

Myotherapy uses a range of modalities including dry needling, cupping and advanced remedial massage in the treatment of neck and other pain symptoms. If you suffer from back or neck pain, a sports injury, arthritis – in fact any joint or muscle problem – Myotherapy may help.

4. Do regular back and shoulder strengthening exercises to reverse rounded shoulders – placing pressure on the neck. Self care exercises, especially under the guidance of a Myotherapist or in chronic cases, an Exercise Physiologist, are great way to maintain and often prevent restrictions although finding and addressing the cause of the problem is essential to long term results.

5. At Advanced Myotherapy we can help by assessing your lifestyle to find the cause of the restrictions which may be caused by things such as your sleeping position or posture at work.

Depending on the origin of the restriction, you will be given more specific self care exercises which can be done at home that will target specific muscles to further relieve restrictions and maintain normal muscle range of motion. Often we find the restriction around the thoracic area can be associated with upper body pain and neck pain.

Ultimately when we take care of all the surrounding areas, we can address the origin of the symptoms.