Advanced Myotherapy offer natural Sciatica solutions and treatment for both short (acute) and long term (chronic) sufferers.

We are passionate about sharing resources for patients with this condition, to support them in their long term recovery, beyond short term relief.

Alongside assessment, consultation and treatment, we offer self care education to help patients prevent Sciatica from recurring continuously long term.

From surprising medical teams with recovery beyond expectations and preventing surgery, our passion lies in helping people realise there are natural options, that don’t always end up in surgery for chronic and recurring sciatica.

Here in this blog we share a number of ways you can self treat Sciatica at home to speed up it’s recovery at home. With Myotherapy and other forms of physical therapy, Sciatica is a condition that can largely be avoided. This is what we promote through our education.

Below we share an equal number of lengthening and strengthening exercises for the gluteal muscles which surround the sciatic nerve. It’s important while sciatica is inflamed, not to work on strengthening, however, once the pain subsides, strengthening the area is important, while balancing the muscle with stretches to maintain full range of movement.

Piriformis stretch for sciatic nerve pain

Hip flexor stretch for lower back restriction (pelvic balance)

We are an award-winning clinic, who have been successfully treating chronic and complex muscular conditions for 20 years. Our mission is to empower people to live pain and drug-free where possible to achieve their ultimate quality of life.

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