Natural Sciatica Solutions

Advanced Myotherapy Sciatica Treatment

Advanced Myotherapy is an award winning clinic offering natural Sciatica solutions. Our experienced team offer treatment for both short (acute) and long term (chronic) sufferers.

We are passionate about sharing resources for patients with this condition, to support them in their long term recovery, beyond short term relief.

Alongside assessment, consultation and treatment, we offer self care education to help patients prevent Sciatica from recurring continuously long term.

Our passion lies in helping people realise there are natural options, that don’t always end up in surgery for chronic and recurring sciatica. Myotherapy is one such treatment solution.

With 20 years experience, Advanced Myotherapy guarantee exceptional client care. Our Myotherapy offer natural solutions for Sciatic nerve pain and lower back conditions.

Seeing over 100 clients each week, we have extensive experience offering naturul sciatica solutions.

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