Knee pain, runners knee and ITB syndrome are all problems associated with the knee which can mostly be treated without drugs or surgery. There are many things that holistically can prevent knee problems which amount to lifestyle choices however here are 5 simple things that you can do to alleviate knee pain.

  1. Soft tissue injuries around the knee can easily be treated with a number of different natural remedies including:The R.I.C.E method of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. When related to arthritic problems, heat and movement help enormously to heal the condition and the faster you seek treatment the earlier recovery will be possible to avoid developing greater severity of the problem. 

2. It is recommended that sufferers of knee pain and conditions only perform low impact exercises that strengthen the muscles without injuring the joints (swimming, cycling, walking). A muscle strengthening program is essential in recovering from knee problems to avoid surgery which often results in degenerative disorders. 

3. Degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis are more likely to develop if knee surgery takes place. Myotherapy is recommended for muscle tears to help restore integrity and strength around the area without having to resort to toxic drugs or intrusive surgery.

Most sprains of the ligaments heal fast under the guidance of a Myotherapist and recovery program which includes self care exercises.

In cases where the ITB is affected and causing restriction, strengthening and stretching exercises help the process of recovery, alleviating the IT band pain. People often think that training will only make things worse when it comes to knee problems however this could not be further from the truth.



4. Training the hamstrings and inner and outer thigh can help significantly in the healing of knee problems. Strength and flexibility are key to restoring balance to any musculoskeletal condition.

Daily movement no matter what, is essential to keep things functioning properly, and where there is resistance, you must have persistence, in getting things back to normal.  Problems such as Patellar Tracking Disorder come from an imbalance in the knee that causes the kneecap (Patella) to tilt as the leg angles bend which result in chronic and acute types of pain

5. Often the problems are a result of weakness in the thigh muscles (quadriceps), overuse, RSI, strain, trauma to the area or a growth spurt. The key is allowing the knee to rest when it is aggravated while strengthening the muscles around it to restore normal tracking and repair damage, with correct guidance and technique.

At Advanced Myotherapy, we have been treating injuries and pain including knee problems for ten years, where founder Matthew Cleary has been treating for almost 20 years, since 2000. We have a strong focus on recovery and results at our clinic and a passion for chronic and acute injuries.

If you are suffering from niggling knee pain, call us to find out more about how we might be able to help you or simply book online now.

“The best Myotherapy clinic I’ve been to and I’ve been to many due to my chronic back pain. I have seen them with chronic pain issues and with my post-op recovery both after my back and knee surgery. I really appreciate their commitment to staying up to date with the latest research and hands-on techniques.
I have been seeing physios and osteos for over 5 years and Matt is the first that actually makes a positive difference.”

MartaHealth Educator

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