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There are a number of things that contribute to Knee Pain & Injuries. Our purpose lies in supporting people with natural drug free treatment options where possible.

Knee pain, runners knee and ITB syndrome are all problems associated with the knee which can mostly be treated without drugs or surgery.

There are many things that holistically can prevent knee problems which amount to lifestyle choices however here are 6 simple things that you can do to alleviate knee pain.

1. R.I.C.E

Soft tissue injuries around the knee can easily be treated with a number of different natural remedies including: The R.I.C.E method of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

2. Heat

When related to arthritic problems, heat and movement help enormously to heal the condition and the faster you seek treatment the earlier recovery will be possible to avoid developing greater severity of the problem.

3. Gentle exercise

It is recommended that sufferers of knee pain and conditions only perform low impact exercises that strengthen the muscles without injuring the joints (swimming, cycling, walking).

4. Build strength

A muscle strengthening program is essential in recovering from knee problems to avoid surgery which often results in degenerative disorders.

5. Stretch connection muscles

Here we demonstrate a deep hamstring & leg stretch that releases knee joint restriction from surrounding muscles.

6. Loosen the whole area

Here we have a Quad and hip flexor stretch – which helps greatly in taking the pressure off the knee joint, by relaxing the connecting and surrounding muscle tissue.

Lastly, here we have one of our earlier Myo-balance demonstrations to help self treat knee pain through exercises.

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