Josie Zaffina, Clinical Myotherapist

Bachelor Health Science Myotherapy
Endeavour College Natural Health 2018

Josie is a full time member of the Advanced Myotherapy team who has received abundant praise for her attentive expertise and client outcomes.

Offering Myotherapy Dry Needling and Cupping and a thorough hands on remedial massage experience, Josie is a warm and professional Myotherapist.

A 2018 graduate of Endeavour College of Natural Health, Josie has a Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) and experience treating a large variety of musculo-skeletal conditions.

Josie takes no greater pride than seeing the improvements in her client’s health and wellbeing and it genuinely brings her happiness to see their relief when the discomfort is eased and removed.

Josie’s goal is to find and treat the underlying causes of pain through physical assessment and the use of techniques such as trigger point release, myofascial cupping and dry needling in combination with deep tissue work and joint mobilisation

Josie prescribes appropriate self-help exercises and stretches to further aid her clients in regaining control of their musculoskeletal health.

Josie knows how to treat my body. Very impressed with the way she releases the tense areas.

Dei Williamson