Inflammation & Cancer

At Advanced Myotherapy we treat the cause of inflammation by taking the pressure off painful joints and tendons at the origin and insertion of muscles where joining to bone. Alongside this, we offer self care education, particularly around the nutritional needs of muscles that help maintain holistic health and physical functionality. With this in mind, we cannot encourage people enough in taking a preventative approach with regards to inflammation.
Our friends at the IACVF say that a low oxygenated environment, trauma and inflammation are among the leading contributing factors in the development of Cancer. So as believers in the power of Self Care Medicine and particularly nutritional healing, we encourage you to invest in the power of prevention by maintaining your most valuable asset…Your health.
Researchers are saying that Cancer can be healed with diet…where Cancer often begins. So, as Autumn approaches and our weather cools off, remember to assess your diet, particularly for the healing of inflammation. Inflammation can be the biggest cause of both pain and disease, so preventing it can be the best way to avoid chronic health conditions and musculoskeletal pain. So, until next tune up, be sure to maintain muscle health with sufficient nutritional sources of vitamins and minerals.
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