So often clients walk in the door for a musculoskeletal condition and when we do a little digging beneath the surface, we find major life events or stress factors very closely linked to their onset.

I remember seeing a client who had previously seen a physio and had been seeking help for her back and shoulder pain for some time. She knew all the exercises and demonstrated what she had been doing and all…so there were a few more questions I had.

Upon palpation, I could feel incredible stagnation at the back of the client’s lung area in the rhomboid and thoracic muscles. Normally one would focus mostly upon lifestyle and possible contributing factors from activities of daily living however this client was obviously different.

I suggested what this might mean on a more energetic level from an eastern perspective and instantly the client opened up! She shared some of the incredibly “heavy” stuff that had recently been taking place in her family and life. This is when the penny dropped in the room.

Some emotional support was clearly needed and with a few tips on stress management and gentle self care, she had a new perspective on her “pain” which was obviously not resolving purely with physical therapy. This was something rooted in emotional stagnation.

A couple of months later we received an email from the client Thanking me. Given my concern for the “stagnation” there, she investigated further and was actually diagnosed with Cancer. She was grateful for the time I took and the care I showed to look deeper, as if I hadn’t, she may not have sought any other help.

This is why we are so passionate about holistic self care at Advanced Myotherapy! Sometimes, It’s not until you disarm the actual trigger that musculoskeletal conditions can resolve and be corrected.

Muscular pain treated merely on a “symptom” level will often keep recurring.  This is why McMassage providers who hardly offer an assessment, can fall short when it comes to results beyond a day or so. This is why drugs don’t last…they don’t get to the root cause either!

I talk a great deal about this in my book Heal Yourself – A Natural Path Without Medicine. In it, I share the story about the client I have here and many more. I hope it inspires you to look deeper. To listen to your intuition, which I like to call “inner – tuition”.

I myself have had a few health scares in my time, which along with watching my mothers life end prematurely, truly inspired and propelled me towards my purpose in Health education. Time and time again I have seen that the manifestation of pain and illness has evolved from certain stress and triggers.

Rarely does an ailment manifest in isolation! So, you know when you come to Advanced Myotherapy, you get holistic care from a passionate team! We love our self development as much as we love our professional development!