Symptom Specific Myotherapy

 Spring Back from tired aching muscles with Myotherapy Muscle Health care for a better quality of life!!

Combining the use of cupping, trigger point therapy, dry needling, myofascial release and assisted stretching, our Symptom Specific treatments target the roots of any pain underlying presenting problems. Claimable on private health cover, you can simply book online to save time when it suits you.

Also making AM news, this month is our herbal tea blend. Brought to you by popular demand, our beautiful botanical blend is finally on our shelves available for purchase.

With Chamomile, Lavender, Rose & Jasmine, this therapeutic Longevi-Tea has many health benefits including healing hydration to help calm nerves and improve heart function (energy). It is also a sleep tonic and provides cellular support for…you guessed it…Longevity:)

And because we all love this blend so much, it has become a new addition in our essential oil range, with our very new and beautiful botanical blend, also called Longevity. So be sure to try it our next time you’re in. With Chamomile, Lavender, Rose and Jasmine, this oil blend is an awesome way to unwind with a bath, massage, diffuser or even room spray at home.

 Unwind and straighten up for better vitality and wellbeing with a 30-minute targeted treatment designed to get you back on track and ready for action after injury or fatigue.

If you have not yet heard, we finally have our NEW Trigger Point rollers in store! So for those who have been waiting for these fantastic self treatment tool, you can pick yours up next visit. Trigger point rollers, for those who don’t know, are superior to the regular old foam rollers in having deeper points that release tight areas of muscle.

So if you would like to be able to rid yourself of pain at home, make sure you take a look at these little beauties next time.

The Power of Prevention

Better than a cure, the most valuable investment you can make is in your health! 

A truly underestimated  pathway towards healing and recovery in every sense of disease, from speeding up injury recovery and cellular regeneration to reversing accumulated toxins in the form of Cancer cell growth, whole foods medicine, simple nutrition and self care are our most abundant sources of health and well being.

But you won’t hear too much about this from mainstream medical professionals. Doctors of “General Practice” don’t have any training in this field. Doctors training includes not one subject on nutrition, not even a lecture…in all of the 6 years they train. Not one! Scary? Surprising?

To us, this is obscene. Attending the International Association of Cancer Victors & Friend’s event over the weekend, Advanced Myotherapy enjoyed an informative talk from the well known Dr Ian Gawler from the Gawler Foundation, where this topic was discussed.

What we were inspired by, was the very real and overwhelming evidence that “You can heal” from such toxic conditions, beyond the orthodox medical prognosis’ – just as we have seen many of our own clients do. From being recommended surgery, numerous clients of our own have returned for scans months after such debilitating diagnosis, with complete healing and recovery of structural integrity, just as Dr Ian Gawler experienced many years ago. He now lives 30 yrs past what he was expected to after recovering from bone cancer.

So after being inspired by Dr Ian Gawler over this last weekend, we encourage each of you this month, to look closely at your lifestyles, your habits and self care. Do you take enough time out for yourself, to rejuvenate?

It has been found in many studies that those who work less, are far more productive than those that work hard. So we say…work Smart, No Hard. At Advanced Myotherapy we follow this same principle.

To get lasting results, we provide thorough assessments and self care education for the long term health and balance of our clients. This has worked well for us, in supporting our clients to become independent, not relying on us for long term pain management, rather than gaining an understanding of a real solution, being simple self maintenance and prevention.

In saying this, we encourage each of you to take good care, set some time aside for you, and prevent burn out with more focus on the long term. We like to say…you either invest in your health now…or later. The choice is yours.

So remember…It’s important to Eat that little bit better, move that little bit more, and inquire that little bit deeper about how you can best look after you…for these are the little things that will take you far. So take care dear friends, and when stressed, worn out or wound up, remember we are here. Not just for when you’re in pain. In fact, preferably before. And with our online booking system save yourself some valuable time, and book online next time.

Vital Winter Self Care

More than anything at Advanced Myotherapy, our approach to medicine is a preventative one that looks holistically at the body for greater wellbeing from the foundation of a sound musculoskeletal structure. This Winter we offer our Top 10 Tips on keeping Healthy in the cold.

By nature, “Cold = Contractions”, meaning winter is the worst time for tension which we can confirm from experience as demand increases. So this winter we wish to help you stay warm and relaxed as we face the invasive cold to prevent symptoms of illness from the inside out. So read on for our best tips to keep healthy in the months ahead.


Top 10 Tips to stay Healthy this Winter

#1 Cleanse your body with healing herbs

#2 “Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food” as – Hippocrates said!

#3 Free stress with a stretch

#4 Drink right to stay light

#5 Work out warm at home

#6 Dress wisely to retain your heat

#7 Seek sustenance from Soup

#8 Support blood circulation

#9 Align your Spine

#10 Fine tune every now and then



#1 Cleanse your body with healing herbs

If you wouldn’t shower in cola or lemonade, why shower your organs with sugar-filled syrups and drinks. Teas are a great way to benefit from the abundant healing properties of herbs. Ginger, lemon and honey is a fantastic combination for winter in hot teas to clear congestion, warm the body and aid digestion. For stressed tight muscles, Chamomile and Lavender are a famous blend for relaxation, just as many foods assist in muscle function with essential nutrients vital for movement, contraction and relaxation.

#2 “Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy Food” as – Hippocrates said!


Food is the oldest form of medicine and rather then seeking supplementation, look first to the power of your eating habits. There is nothing better than the real thing. If worried about pesticides on your produce, simply soak in a solution of water with apple cider vinegar to break down any toxic chemicals. You cannot get the nutrients from supplements that are provided by eating real plant foods such as fruits and vegetables. Remember it is always best to eat locally and seasonally and particularly in winter, the digestive system needs cooked foods to help aid in optimal absorption of nutrients and regularity.

#3 Free stress with a stretch

We know that winter is the worst time for muscles as the cold creates contraction in order to regulate temperature and keep the body warm to protect the vital organs. Our favorite way to keep warm in winter is to use “Heat Therapy” with wheat bags. Applying wheat bags to tension areas, such as the neck and back is one of the best ways in winter to maintain healthy and relaxed muscles, to prevent cold invasion symptoms and stiffness. Alongside this, we promote the unbeatable benefits of regular stretching for the muscles to maintain balance. Tight muscles become short and restricted which places pressure on the joints and even lead to neural tension, causing all sorts of other painful symptoms. Practice regular stretching in all areas of the body and muscle groups to prevent decreased range of motion and reduce the risk of injuries and tears this winter.

#4 Drink right to stay light

As we like to say, don’t drink what you wouldn’t shower in and your body will love you for it. We promote the wise discipline of drinking clean to help purify and detoxify the body on an ongoing basis to help flush the body. There are many ways that tea can bring health benefits including weight management. Simply by drinking a liter of hot water with lemon in the morning, we can flush our system and help break down fat in the body to maintain a healthy weight, especially in winter when we tend to layer up somewhat instinctively to keep warm.

#5 Work out warm at home

Prevent getting a cold in the attempt to keep fit. Avoid jogging outside in the extreme cold with little clothing. This is a fast way to weaken the immune system and become vulnerable to colds and flu. Work out at home with simple aerobics, yoga, stretching and even house work. House work is a great way to burn calories while being productive and crossing off the chore list. If you like to jog, then rug up and avoid exposing your organs to the cold. This can often lead to fever in a defensive response to regulate temperature in the body.

#6 Dress wisely to retain your heat

When going outside in the cold, the worst thing you can do is expose your kidneys and neck. Rug up and be wise this winter to save your self much valuable time being sick in bed and invest in a pair of gloves. This is especially important for women with smaller wrists that can become cold quite easily. Wear a hat to prevent heat loss through the top of the head. A great deal of heat leaves the body through the back of the neck and top of the head, so keep these areas covered in winter to prevent vital heat loss.

#7 Seek sustenance from Soup

Soup is a magic way to ensure we get the nutrients we need in one meal and the best part about it is it’s always better the next day. Make hearty soup pots with lots of vegies to stay strong and build immunity this winter. Add lots of colours to ensure you feed all needs to the body from energy to iron, magnesium and calcium. Here is our favorite soup recipe for those who are looking for a simple and delicious soup for those cold nights in at home.

8# Support blood circulation

Blood circulation is one of the most vital aspects of health in winter as we tend to move less to stay warm. Promote circulation with exercise, breathing, yoga, stretching and massage. Massage & Reflexology are awesome ways to release stagnation from the muscles  and stress in the body, even for the organs. From constipation and poor digestion to cramping, strain and blood stagnation pain, massage and reflexology are powerful healing tools for many ailments people suffer with in winter.

#9 Align your Spine

As we naturally tend towards rigidity in the cold, spinal compromise is more prominent in the cold, meaning regular posture checks become more important. Avoid the easily preventable hunch this season with regular visits to your Myotherapist to assess your muscle balance and maintain postural health.

#10 Fine tune every now and then

Just as we service our car every so many miles, it’s important in the more extreme weather conditions to seek regular tune up to help de-stress and unwind the body. Often we forget ourselves and continue to spend our energy, becoming depleted especially in winter. Having regular tune ups and body treatments ensures you stay balanced to prevent increased vulnerability to symptoms and sickness this season. So there’s our Top 10 Tips for this winter. We hope you enjoy them and stay healthy until next time. We look forward to seeing you then!

Dry Needling

Shoulders Back & Breathe

With the spine in mind, this month we share the most common pain triggers we find. From all strength and no length, many symptoms we see, can be corrected easily, through simple self care and just being more aware. The number one cause of muscle imbalance we see stems from rigid routines and poor circulation.


Our number one prescription to clients today remains to lengthen the body, straighten the hips and open the chest to lift the strain placed on vital organs from the lungs and heart, for overall health and longevity.

The respiratory system is essential to all physical functions, and depends upon the structural alignment of balanced posture and muscle movement.

This is central to our practice in helping people reach their health potential and reverse premature ageing. Cellular regeneration relies upon a stress free circulatory system, unrestrained from postural pressure.

Our mission is to facilitate the free flow of essential vitality through nerve, muscle and spinal solutions to supply vital functions to all internal organs. This is why we have such genuine desire to succeed in our drive to lead the field of natural health professionals in preventative medicine.

This Autumn, we introduce a strong focus on Natural Therapies for self care with a Season Special for a Traditional method of healing with the Cupping modality. Valued at $65, this treatment is designed to assist Natural Detoxification.

Now only $49 for the Autumn season, our Cupping treatment draws toxins to the surface for elimination and cellular rejuvenation.

To our new subscribers, we extend a warm welcome and encourage new clients to take advantage of our $50 1 hour initial Massage treatment, valued at $100.

Simply mention your email subscription upon booking your first appointment for this exclusive offer. For those who have experienced our treatment and share your feedback, we extend our gratitude this Autumn with 25% off your next visit as our way of saying thank you. That’s all this month. Happy Easter and April Fools day. Have a great week.

Autumn Self Care


As we say goodbye to Summer and enter the transitional season of Autumn, we share with you our best tips on seasonal self care for the natural time of energetic consolidation. This season we focus on “strength” as we transition through the time of letting go, shedding our leaves and cultivating inner strength, as the leaves reunite with the earth for replenishment.

Autumn is symbolic of “letting go” akin to the Snake energy of 2013.This can signify a time of shedding layers, refining ourselves and creating order that supports the structure of life…from the physical body to the more external realms of our outer life. Governed by the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn relates to the Lungs, the skin and large intestines, which all require us to let go, release and eliminate all that we do not need.

From the toxins in our body to the waste we process, this season is the time to flush the system, process our energy and go with the flow, being aware of the natural tendency to hold on, mentally, emotionally and physically…to tension, stress, habits and triggers that hold us back from shedding our leaves for renewal and completion. So this season, we steer the focus on promoting the benefits of unwinding, cutting back the stress and supporting the process of relaxation.

Myotherapy promotes the wisdom of balance in the body with both strength and flexibility. With Autumn being the season governed traditionally by the “Metal Element” in Chinese Medicine, we now enter the natural time of strengthening, in the most solidified elemental phase, encouraging us to work on our core strength, from nutritional medicine to physical discipline.


We see a great number of clients seeking our help for muscle imbalance and pain. We can easily divide this percentage into half being caused by a lack of strength and fitness, and half from accumulated stress within the body. So for us, there is an evident need for people to develop the skill of both relaxation and discipline in building body balance.


For the “Yang” people, this season will be about learning to relax, stretch and balance the body with sufficient rest and circulation…while for the “Yin” people, we recommend more strength building priorities. Autumn is the time for resistance training, light repetitious weight bearing and muscle building…while maintaining balance with sufficient caution around not holding onto emotional weight, breathing and surrendering to the will / natural order of life.

A great meditation for this season will be to “Find purpose in the passing”…the letting go and release of the past, the dead leaves and those things which can be eliminated for greater mobility and freedom. In our eyes, Autumn is the season to “move” and find freedom in letting go. It is the season to go with the flow, plan ahead and build strength through structure, better habits and lifestyle choices (nutrition and exercise).


So to keep it simple…this month we send you each a reminder, to stick to the basic rules of healthy living.Focus on your diet and fitness…and hopefully, this means we see less of you, but hear more from you…about how these simple principles have helped you find the better you. Until next time, we look forward to seeing you in better health, younger and more aware of how your habits can determine your health.


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“I broke a vertebrae in my back with a serious sports injury while playing soccer, which diminished my quality of life. I tried everything from Doctors to Chiropractors and Physiotherapy, and finally with your help I am living again. My back is back on track! I refer all of my friends to you and they always thank me.” –Tommy, Lakeside Packaging  & Highroller Limo Helicopter Hire 

“I drove 6 hours from Griffith just to come to Advanced Myotherapy, on recommendation and It was worth it.” – Scott Simpson, Griffith Athlete 

“Told I needed surgery for Achilles Tendinitis, I wanted a second opinion. After treatment I became more aware of my own contribution to the condition and have since recovered fully without surgery.”- Theo, TNM Consulting

“I came to Advanced Myotherapy with a frozen shoulder after I fell over and injured it. The Physiotherapist originally treated it with a quarterzone injection. After a short series of treatments, I am grateful to finally be able to move my shoulder again.” – Mandy Hunter, Coteries Manager, Carlton Football Club   Bulging Disc

“I came to Advanced Myotherapy on recommendation, for the severe pain down my leg. I am now free from the debilitating pain I was constantly in. I highly recommend Advanced Myotherapy for anyone seeking better health.” – Lazarus, Entreprenuer / Founder of Skillup Australia & Wattle Health

“I have had all kinds of treatments from all kinds of therapists and had problems with my ankle for years and finally after 2 treatments with you, there is no swelling or pain and i can walk properly again!” – Leanne Tantuccio, Kew

” Playing in the cricket grand final I thought tore my groin…but after having Matt treat me, I couldn’t believe it. It was bazaar! I got up and straight away started running and was back in the game.” – Peter Filis               

“Learnt so much of what’s going on with you, compared to anyone in the past. Looking forward to the next treatment already. Best treatment I’ve had. Thanks to advanced mythorapy I’m feeling great and ready for the big boxing match next week. Thanks heaps.  – Kodar Assi, Pro Boxer – Northside Boxing Gym Preston

“Best Therapy in town any nagging injuries these are your guys.”  Joey Hughes, International Ice Hockey Player

“I was diagnosed with CTA – carpel tunnel symcrome, tendonitis and fibromialga and was treated by a Psysio for 4 months once a week.  You did more for me in one session  than the physio did in that whole time and the tingling is almost gone already.” Malina Larm

“Matt, I’d like to thank you for the awesome work on my back and legs. 6 months ago I couldn’t walk and now I have done the Dandenong mountains 1000 steps 2 weeks in a row. You are a life saver. I feel so much better and happier with all the pain gone. Keep the good work up. Again thank you” – Nazih Dib

“Leah, Thank you for opening up my shoulder for me.  I have more movement in it and can move my head a lot more now.” – Repa Patel, Yoga Instructor & Coach

“Over all of the years I have been seeing the Physiotherapist, not once have I learned what you taught me today about caring for myself in the right way. What a difference I feel already. Thank you.” – Alda Verde

“I had chronic pain since an accident several years ago, both in my leg and chest. I was diagnosed with “chronic pain syndrome” suffering to the point of being hospitalised. I was prescribed drugs and receiving multiple forms of treatment, unable to exercise  for 4 months with no success taking anti-inflams. I was ill to my stomach with medication and receiving ongoing physiotherapy until I found you. I tried Bowen therapy, Osteo, Chiro, Massage and everything, but since treatment at Advanced Myotherapy, there has been significant improvement. I feel so much better knowing what really helps.” – Danni West, Student

“We refer many patients to Myotherapists. I am going to use your technique on my patients. That was amazing. No Chiropractor has ever been able to balance my pelvis like that!” – Dr Caroline Pain – Chiropractor, Mordialloc

“I prefer Matt’s treatment over Physio.” – Jonathan Brown, Brisbane Lions 

 I have not been getting the usual headaches which is a nice change.” – Wenona Lok, Kew

“Success in the Melbourne marathon in tough conditions a pb of 5.06 half an hour faster than expected! Legs feel great thanks to training and Advanced Myotherapy!”   Joanne Baxas

“Self Care is the key word for 2012….highly advocated by Advanced Myotherapy ….thanks for the inspiration Advanced Myotherapy…..although I am ageing I get much more out of my body than ever before!”  – Cindy James, Melbourne – Interiors That Fit

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