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Weights Myotherapy Melbourne Weight (strength) training without correct understanding of the musculo-skeletal system can result in imbalances that lead to pain and injury. What we look at in Myotherapy is maintaining muscle balance for ultimate structural alignment and range of motion, essential to our bio-mechanical functioning.

So many people routinely practice weight resistance training without the knowledge required to maintain structural balance, leading to poor flexibility, restricted range of motion and tightening that places on pressure on antagonistic muscle groups.

Though weight training correctly is one of the best ways to increase physical strength, correct posture and injury prevention, training without correct principles and technique can do more harm than good. What we do at Advanced Myotherapy is educate people in training principles that lead to postural balance and alignment.

Understanding the body is key to maintaining it’s balance, especially when it comes to weights training. We recommend generally taking care and being cautious with weights training, as we do with stretching and Yoga. Light reps in sets of 15 is a great way to begin a stable routine of building muscle strength.

While some personal trainers teach people to practice low reps with high weight, there is more chance of injury as a result of such training styles. We recommend gradual build up towards greater and greater strength and caution against injury. It is also important to keep in mind, our very motto “lengthen & strengthen”. While strength is vital for our muscle health, many people do not realise how equally important flexibility is.

Our philosophy is, as much as you strengthen, you Must lengthen the muscles! People generally do not stretch enough! So we recommend stretching for a good length of time in a gentle yet firm way, every time you train. Holding stretches for a long enough length of time is also vital, as this allows for the muscles to fully release and let go, to restore blood flow and circulation.

As weights tighten the muscles, they also shorten them, which is exactly why, when done incorrectly, they can so easily lead to muscle imbalances. So to prevent and correct this problem, we must maintain good flexibility with a stretching routine equal to our resistance training regimes.


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Advanced Myotherapy in 2014

As we enter our 2nd week back we would like to wish you an awesome year as we arrive in February to the Chinese Astrological Solar Year of the Yang Wood Horse. Given that the Horse is the zodiac sign with the greatest “Yang” energy, being the Yang Fire animal, this is a time where balance becomes vital. Energetically this means that any health issues relating to the “fire element” of the body-mind-spirit can be exacerbated.

The fire element relates to the heart, the central nervous system and the spirit. This means that people with sleeping issues will now face even more challenges to balance their “fire element”, along with those facing emotional challenges or suffering with neuro-muscular pain. This year we need to care for our nervous system by maintaining musculoskeletal balance, emotional wellbeing and sound stress management / lifestyle medicine.

It’s the year to have Lavender on standby, as one of the many helpful essential oils that helps calm and sooth nerves, reduce pain and ease emotional stress. Aromatherapy works on the Nervous system and is therefore a fantastic modality for “fire element” imbalances. This year, any imbalances of the fire element within our own energy, body and health, will be more notable, making it important to look after these areas of our health.

As you can imagine, even with little understanding of the “five elements”, the elements that bring balance to the fire element include, water…to put out the fire, meaning to keep the nervous system under control with cooling properties to prevent overheating and stimulation. Water element can be reinforced with plenty of rest, water, hydrating plant foods, salt therapies and swimming of coarse. Also helping to balance excessive fire element is the “earth element”.

Earth element can be supported with plenty of natural earth foods, especially those that are sweet and grounding like pumpkins. Earth element can also be supported with regular physical activity and meditation to calm the mind. So as you can see, this year, there is plenty you can do to maintain inner balance, including regular self maintenance with Myotherapy. Myotherapy in particular helps with neuro-muscular pain that can lead to both spinal and nerve damage if left untreated.

So remember, prevention is far better than any cure. And don’t forget, your habits create your health. So keep well this year and take care.




Myotherapy Self Care Packages

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We have a couple of fantastic new Self Care Packages also available as Gifts which are great value. With over $275 worth of value, our Self Care Kit includes all you need to maintain good health and wellbeing for the year ahead without having to see us so much! 
     Our Self Care Package worth over $770, includes a Maintenance Care Package along with loads of other tools to help keep you balanced and pain free through the year. Take a look and grab one for yourself or someone special here.
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In this book we reveal the best kept secrets nature has to offer. Looking at the vital principles of life, health and longevity, this book will help inspire you to accomplish your true energetic potential for living well.


Self Care Medicine








Announcing the release of our new book marking our 5 year Birthday.
After winning two Service Awards in 2013 we celebrate with the launch of our new book Self Care Medicine. With International Best-selling author Dr Moni Lai Storz, Myotherapy pioneer Clive Alex and the Advanced Myotherapy team, we mark this special occasion in acknowledging those who have made it all possible. 
Take a peek at the album we have posted on our fan page here.
Self Care Medicine – A Guide to Living Well


Self Care Medicine


This October has been an exciting time for Advanced Myotherapy! Before we share our big news, we wish to share with you our pleasure in seeing Myotherapy gaining recognition in recent times. In a wonderful time and place, we at Advanced Myotherapy are encouraged by the recent publicity of the profession receiving more recognition for it’s holistic yet specialist treatment for muscular imbalances.

In the Age Newspaper this past week, we have seen Back Pain become the focus for it’s far too common premature misdiagnosis and medically recommended surgery. It has been revealed that far too often pain sufferers are advised to undertake surgery as a first option in the attempt to correct treatable conditions, reversible with non-invasive corrective therapies such as Myotherapy. In “The Truth About Back Pain” article, it is admitted that there is a growing number of sufferers opting to take pain killers which potentially cause further damage, by masking the pain.

In addition to this article, we recently came across an article published in the Natural Health Mag on the benefits of Myotherapy (Muscle Therapy). So needless to say, we are pleased that we are supported in our cause of educating the public in natural methods of pain management with Myotherapy.

Also this month, we bring you our long anticipated book of our own “Self Care Medicine – A Guide to Living Well” along with the 2nd edition of “The Sacred Psychology of Healing – Secrets to Awakening the Mind-Body Potential” book. This is a huge joy to finally bring you all of our very best advice for treating pain naturally, without resorting to  costly medical interventions or pharmaceutical dependence. As a clinic and team, we share our experience of effective solutions that guarantee results.

We have tried and tested each of the principles we share and base them on sound bio-mechanical science combined with holistic considerations for individual needs, specific to a range of symptom presentations and pain patterns. Leah and Matthew collaborated together on this Self Care Guide, bringing over well over a decade of professional experience each to provide insight into the most fundamental essential recovery principles and tools for a better quality of life.

So this month, stay tuned for upcoming invitations to celebrate our fifth year of establishment at Advanced Myotherapy along with the launch celebration and book signing all in one, combined with an exciting charity fund raiser. Collaborating on offering Self Care workshops for a Humanitarian cause, we will be sharing with you our inspired mission of contributing to a larger vision for a better future. A future that promotes equality and opportunity in an area very dear to our hearts.

Spinal Nerve Health

When it comes to illnesses and ailments, prevention is always better than cure. There is no substitute for a healthy body—certainly not even a repaired one.  Myotherapy focuses primarily on treatment of the root of problematic symptoms, as well as their prevention. The aim of Myotherapy is long-term relief from pain symptoms by treating their underlying causes.

Offering effective treatment for pain management and musculoskeltal conditions, Myotherapy combines advanced active release techniques with modalities such as dry needling, trigger point therapy, cupping and much more than just massage therapy alone, and is considered a specialist field of muscle therapy, used to treat symptoms of pain and deep-seeded problems of the muscular system.

Incorporating extensive consultation and assessment for the purpose of addressing key postural issues, Myotherapy is a successful method of treating ailments such as spinal nerve root compression.

This condition is one that sees pressure from a herniated disk, stemming from muscular imbalances and tensions, placing pressure on both discs and joints.

Chronic back pain is often treated with surgery that requires a minimum of months in recovery in many cases. However, surgery is most often performed far too quickly upon the recommendation of Doctor’s which is both financially costly and physically taxing.

Given the wide range of risks also involved, it is obviously to far better to avoid surgery and choose more corrective types of treatment, such as Myotherapy.

Advanced myotherapy has a natural and holistic approach to therapy.

Our clinical treatment has proven to be beneficial for pain management and rehabilitation in many cases that have defied diagnosis and bypassed recommended surgery.

Treating the roots of many symptoms, we have successfully treated  many conditions such as sciatica, neck pain, carpel tunnel, disk herniation and a lot more.

Other benefits of Myotherapy in general include correction of posture and spinal alignment which is significantly influential  in maintaining a healthy body and mind from a very scientific perspective regarding the function of all body systems.

Symptom Specific Myotherapy

 Spring Back from tired aching muscles with Myotherapy Muscle Health care for a better quality of life!!

Combining the use of cupping, trigger point therapy, dry needling, myofascial release and assisted stretching, our Symptom Specific treatments target the roots of any pain underlying presenting problems. Claimable on private health cover, you can simply book online to save time when it suits you.

Also making AM news, this month is our herbal tea blend. Brought to you by popular demand, our beautiful botanical blend is finally on our shelves available for purchase.

With Chamomile, Lavender, Rose & Jasmine, this therapeutic Longevi-Tea has many health benefits including healing hydration to help calm nerves and improve heart function (energy). It is also a sleep tonic and provides cellular support for…you guessed it…Longevity:)

And because we all love this blend so much, it has become a new addition in our essential oil range, with our very new and beautiful botanical blend, also called Longevity. So be sure to try it our next time you’re in. With Chamomile, Lavender, Rose and Jasmine, this oil blend is an awesome way to unwind with a bath, massage, diffuser or even room spray at home.

 Unwind and straighten up for better vitality and wellbeing with a 30-minute targeted treatment designed to get you back on track and ready for action after injury or fatigue.

If you have not yet heard, we finally have our NEW Trigger Point rollers in store! So for those who have been waiting for these fantastic self treatment tool, you can pick yours up next visit. Trigger point rollers, for those who don’t know, are superior to the regular old foam rollers in having deeper points that release tight areas of muscle.

So if you would like to be able to rid yourself of pain at home, make sure you take a look at these little beauties next time.

The Power of Prevention

Better than a cure, the most valuable investment you can make is in your health! 

A truly underestimated  pathway towards healing and recovery in every sense of disease, from speeding up injury recovery and cellular regeneration to reversing accumulated toxins in the form of Cancer cell growth, whole foods medicine, simple nutrition and self care are our most abundant sources of health and well being.

But you won’t hear too much about this from mainstream medical professionals. Doctors of “General Practice” don’t have any training in this field. Doctors training includes not one subject on nutrition, not even a lecture…in all of the 6 years they train. Not one! Scary? Surprising?

To us, this is obscene. Attending the International Association of Cancer Victors & Friend’s event over the weekend, Advanced Myotherapy enjoyed an informative talk from the well known Dr Ian Gawler from the Gawler Foundation, where this topic was discussed.

What we were inspired by, was the very real and overwhelming evidence that “You can heal” from such toxic conditions, beyond the orthodox medical prognosis’ – just as we have seen many of our own clients do. From being recommended surgery, numerous clients of our own have returned for scans months after such debilitating diagnosis, with complete healing and recovery of structural integrity, just as Dr Ian Gawler experienced many years ago. He now lives 30 yrs past what he was expected to after recovering from bone cancer.

So after being inspired by Dr Ian Gawler over this last weekend, we encourage each of you this month, to look closely at your lifestyles, your habits and self care. Do you take enough time out for yourself, to rejuvenate?

It has been found in many studies that those who work less, are far more productive than those that work hard. So we say…work Smart, No Hard. At Advanced Myotherapy we follow this same principle.

To get lasting results, we provide thorough assessments and self care education for the long term health and balance of our clients. This has worked well for us, in supporting our clients to become independent, not relying on us for long term pain management, rather than gaining an understanding of a real solution, being simple self maintenance and prevention.

In saying this, we encourage each of you to take good care, set some time aside for you, and prevent burn out with more focus on the long term. We like to say…you either invest in your health now…or later. The choice is yours.

So remember…It’s important to Eat that little bit better, move that little bit more, and inquire that little bit deeper about how you can best look after you…for these are the little things that will take you far. So take care dear friends, and when stressed, worn out or wound up, remember we are here. Not just for when you’re in pain. In fact, preferably before. And with our online booking system save yourself some valuable time, and book online next time.