Simple Summer Self Care

Summer is associated with fatigue and burn out so the cooler elements become more vital over these months. 

Nutritionally this means we need to eat foods with higher water content for hydration. Keeping up fluids becomes even more important now so as to avoid joint stiffness and muscle tightness. Water is also needed to cushion both organs and joints as well as lubricate and keep us mobile. 



In Traditional Medicine, good water element foods include seaweed, kidney beans, cashews, fermented food and soy sauce as well as salad vegetables like cucumber (known to reduce high blood pressure and restore potassium and magnesium) and celery, which is especially good for joints. Another fantastic way to get plenty of nutrients is to invest in a juicer if you don’t have one. Some of our favourite juice combinations are Carrot, Apple & Ginger or Carrot, Apple, Beetroot and Lemon. Add mint, cucumber, celery and ginger to any juices and we trust you will love the creation. Just experiment and have fun…it’s one of the best ways to maintain health, especially in summer! Check out these beautiful little combinations below for some inspiration.




Lucky last, which is far from our least recommended is Swimming. Some of our clients have thanked us for inspiring them to maintain regular swimming and even said it has changed their lives! Swimming is one of the best things for joint pain treatment and to help reduce muscle pain, recover long term injuries and rehabilitate many musculoskeletal conditions.
So for those of you who need help maintaining your range of motion and mobility this Summer, Swimming is a great solution. While you’re there, you can also visit the spa to self massage all those tight spots on the spa jets…so you have even more of a reason to get to the pool (if you needed any beyond the heat:)


We trust these few small healthy habits shall see you through to your next tune up.
Until then, be save these holidays and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Wishes from
The Team at Advanced Myotherapy


Myotherapy for Headaches & Migraines

Our mostly sedentary or labour intensive working culture today means we see many sufferers of tension related headaches and neck pain.  Sitting wrong and for too long, with poor posture is a large contributing factor causing neck problems as the head tilts forward and places pressure on the neck and shoulders, straining to keep the weight evenly balanced for spinal support. This is a problem we often treat that is related to poor posture. Myotherapy uses a range of techniques to reach and release the restricted areas to restore full range of motion in the vitally influential alignment of the neck and spine for pain management and posture correction.
Many people opt too quickly for drugs that mask such pain that is dissolved easily with correct care and prevention with the right awareness and understanding. By dulling the nerves and compromising the body’s intelligence, pain medications fail to deal with the root cause underlying neck pain and resulting headaches. Using modalities that free the body of restriction,  Myotherapy releases the muscles that place pressure on the neck area to prevent problems related to poor posture and lifestyle related physical imbalances.  Some find temporarily relief with various methods and modalities of treatment, however Myotherapy is considered far superior in being a holistic approach to resolving pain from it’s leading core origins.

Specific stretching is one of our most effective treatment methods that help people achieve lasting results that prevent ongoing dependence on costly forms of pain management, treatment and medication. We often have clients who we don’t see for lengthy periods, who thank us for making a difference in dealing with the underlying cause, rather than the symptoms alone.  These are the clients who keep us in business, because they are the people who generate further business through referrals and recommendations for friends and family in need of effective pain management. We don’t keep any secrets at Advanced Myotherapy because we prefer to educate and empower rather than have people rely on ongoing treatment for temporary relief. Our success depends largely on the successful recovery from injuries and pain that people come to us for.
If you are someone, who like many of our clients, who has tried everything and still suffer from neck pain and headaches, then Myotherapy might just be your last stop, as it is for most of our client community. If you suffer from headaches and neck pain, ask us about effective treatment options for lasting results and future prevention. We pride ourselves on empowering people with the knowledge and understanding that makes the difference. Call us today to find out how we can help you become pain free for good.