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Upper Back Pain Recovery

Upper back pain can be reversed by aligning the upper body for postural balance. Here are a few simple things you can do yourself at home using things you might have around the house.

Using a rolled up towel and a ball, you can lengthen the muscles of the chest and soften the upper back muscles to bring the shoulders back and take pressure off the spine.

You can also use a doorway which is a stretch we recommend our clients do to reverse poor posture from rounding shoulders, to open the pectoral area. This is a great stretch to help release any tension in the chest to take stress off the shoulders, causing any upper back pain.

How to Train without Pain

Massage CarltonThe 1st and most important aspect of training longevity is to maintain muscles length. Stretching to keep flexibility is so important for training recovery AND preparation. Warming up and cooling down are essential in training and work outs, so remember to give yourself sufficient time to do both each time time you train.

The 2nd key to longevity is the one we are all to happy to help with! You can get way more out of your training and recover faster with regular Massage or Myotherapy sessions.

Our mission is to empower you to maintain mobility and fitness… and body treatments are a wonderful way to maintain balance so that you can keep up your Self Care!

The 3rd and most important Key to Success in training longevity is to SUSTAIN your energy and put in what you take out! When your muscles become depleted, you need to replenish your bodies salts! Including sufficient sea salt (not iodised, there are other ways to get iodine and iodised salts has aluminium as an anti-caking agent which hardens the arteries)…in your diet also assists your body in absorbing nutrients!

And when you train, you need more of them! So please make sure that you are eating plenty of whole plant foods so that your body is able to keep up with your personal fitness and strength goals! It’s all about ENERGY! Who doesn’t want more of it! It’s what life is made of:)

6 Steps to Reverse Posture Related Pain

The Value of Stretching

The power of stretching is often greatly underestimated. Often people can be unaware of the need to spend sufficient time holding stretches correctly and gently, so as to gain the full potential possible from their routine.

All stiffness and pain in the muscles is experienced as a result of poor blood flow, circulation and range of motion, which is limited due to a lack of movement and tightening of the muscle tissue. Stretching is the most fundamental form of exercise in keeping the muscles soft, flexible and also strong in the long term by increasing the flow of energy and blood throughout the body, thereby enhancing vitality, well being and structural integrity.

There are many simple stretches that can be done to avoid both injuries and pain, as well as assist in the recovery from both acute and chronic injuries. Keeping the muscles flexible and soft with stretching and movement is a vital key in maintaining health and longevity, preventing many of the ailments that come with ageing and physical stiffness.
Keeping the spine mobile, preventing degeneration, deterioration and promoting blood flow to areas that many people suffer preventable conditions with, such as the eyes, neck and head. Click here to see an old favourite photo album of ours, demonstrating some great simple stretches that can go a long way in preventing muscle imbalances, long term!

At Advanced Myotherapy we offer Myo-Balance classes for Personal Posture Correction and Pain Management. To find out more about how this training might be able to help you, call us or contact us via the website and we would be happy to chat about your personal condition.

Self Care for Pain Management

Myotherapy Melbourne Knee Pain

Approaching the colder weather (as we are here in Melbourne) increases the need for self care dramatically!

So many people suffer with cold related pain due to the fact that with the cold, comes muscular stiffness. Pain in general is a “cold” type of condition where stagnation persists. This is something that Myotherapy works wonders for, reducing stiff muscles, restoring blood flow, movement and increased  range of motion to the working muscles.

Often the first complimentary therapy we incorporate into our clinic treatments is “heat”. Quite simply heat allows the muscles to relax and helps to restore the natural length of the muscle, while taking pressure off the affected joints at the muscles origin and insertion.

Wheat bags are one of the most effective ways of using heat therapy, allowing the weight of the heat to sit resting in the tight area, while literally “melting” the pain way. We know in labour while a women is giving birth, heat is an incredibly well known tool in pain reduction.

Just recently one of our lovely clients Stephanie, reported that the midwives present at her birth, were really impressed with the wheat bags she was using (from our clinic) relaxing her during labour.

So as you can imagine, if heat has this kind of power…then it’s certainly something we recommend as a Myotherapy clinic, to many of our clients as a way of management and preventing pain! Our spine length, locally (& lovingly) made lavender and wheat bags can be purchased from our online store.

Please remember also, though you may already have a wheat bag, they do need replacing every so many uses, as wheat eventually needs refreshing after so many “cooks”.

The best way to increase the longevity of your wheat bag, is to ensure you have a small cup of water in with the bag while heating it up. This way, you will be able to use it for a lot longer. So until next time, we hope you get plenty of use out of yours, to help combat this coming cold weather.

Preventing Poor Posture

3 Practical Steps to Prevent Poor Posture


It’s fantastic that our clients come to see us for their postural related pain, but our main concern is what they are doing in their daily lives that leads them to our clinic. Poor posture effects every physiological function of the body by influencing the spinal column and the nervous system as a result.

Excessive use of technology such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets is one of the many modern day concerns we have for people developing postural related pain conditions.

People are now using mobile devices far longer than they were even recently as the dependence on technology rapidly increases.

The side effect of mobile use leads to a dramatic increase in the degree of spinal flexion which puts an enormous strain on areas that have great influence over our posture.

Sitting for too long and sitting wrong, is also an associated stress factor in many peoples lives that we are seeing. Encouraging our clients to change their habits even slightly is often the “difference maker” that leads to the most dramatic improvements.

1) Standing up and stretching out the iliopsoas muscles (main hip flexor) during the working day can be an incredibly effective way to reduce this muscle shortening.

As a result of this common symptom, there is an enormous amount of pressure placed in the lumbar spine and lower back area, causing an anterior pelvic tilt.

2) Open up the chest as you walk through door ways. Take the opportunity when you change rooms to release the pressure and stress in the chest area, which is shortened throughout the day while you are using computers and mobile devices or working in general.

3) Restore Neck Length by frequently taking time out to gently let go, breathe deep and guide the ear to the shoulder for at least a minute each side.

Built up neck tension can bring headaches that can easily be prevented by remembering that if we take time out for ourselves, we become more efficient in every area of our lives. Reducing stress on ourselves increases productivity and maintaining good posture is key to this.


Mothers Day Gift Vouchers Available


Pregnancy and birth is just the start! Motherhood goes well beyond these incredible life changes.

If you struggle to find a way to show your mum your appreciation for just how much you know she has given of herself, give back with some time out for Myotherapy!

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5 Signs you should try Myotherapy

Foam Rolling for Pain

Foam rolling for ‪ myofascial‬ release and posture correction‬ to bring the ‪‎shoulders‬ back can help relieve many pain symptom in the body. From headaches and neck and shoulder pain, foam rolling can reduce a range of physical complaints from muscular imbalance.

Myotherapy incorporates a holistic approach in educating clients in self care for long term results. Office workers and trades people often have roFoam roller carltonunded shoulders as a result of their working habits. Myotherapists call this the activities of daily living, which are a strong focus of our work, to instill corrective care to counter balance any repetitive strain potential for future or repeated injury prone vulnerabilities. 

We use a range of different tools including Trigger Point Foam Rollers to encourage our clients to use effective techniques to gain the most out of there personal goals for either maintenance or recovery. Laying on or self massage with the use of a trigger point foam roller is a fantastic way of recovering from debilitating pain, be it from overuse in sports and endurance activities or simple pain, tension and stiffness.

Allowing the spine and muscles to reverse themselves into a balanced and corrected alignment, using a foam roller can fast track posture correction where treatment alone would not compete.

We encourage our clients to take an active role in their muscular maintenance so as to not only “make our job easier” but to ensure more of a longer term balance that can be incorporated to prevent ongoing and persistent pain symptoms.

Advanced Myotherapy grows!

We have expanded our clinic which means we are able to  keep up with our booking demands! This means more available peak time appointments can be made which makes us very pleased.


Clinic Renovations

It has been a long time coming and our fresh modern space has plenty of natural light and fresh air which we are loving! Upstairs we have 3 new beautifully designed spacious rooms that we know you will love!

Private Health Insurance Claims

Remember as the end of the year approaches, for those of you with private health cover, rebates do not roll over, so once again…don’t let it go to waste.

Upcoming Christmas Promotion

Lastly but not least, we do have a Christmas promotion coming up so keep your eye on your inbox.

Until then, we look forward to seeing you for your next tune up! From all of us at Advanced Myotherapy, Take care.


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