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Mother’s Day Special 2012

To all Sons and Daughters

A real treat for Mum on Mother’s Day

The ultimate treat for your mum is a day of relaxation. At Advanced Myotherapy we have beautiful hand made mother’s day packs for just this. The gift voucher entitles Mum to a 90 minute massage therapy session when it suits her and  we’ve also included in a bottle of 100% pure lavender oil.

We’ll pamper mum from head to toe. Our  relaxation style massage helps relieve tight, aching muscles, assist in circulation and helps d-stress both mind and body. The lavender oil allows her to relax and feel invigorated at home.

It’s all about Mum on May 13th.

For more information about the gift packs, delivery options and even arranging a surprise delivery to her work place with a bunch of flowers feel free to call or email us or even pop in.

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Spinal Alignment – Featured Article April 2012

In Australia almost all of us suffer from poor posture. This is the resulting posture from the shortening and tightening of muscles while others lengthen and become weak. It is more often than not the result of our daily activities, for example slumping over a desk at a computer all day. There are obvious physical indications of poor posture, there can be the rounding and elevation of the shoulders, meaning the head is positioned further forward and or a forward tilt of the hips increasing the curve of the lumbar spine and producing a protruding stomach.

As well as making you look older poor posture can lead to many other problems. The extra pressure that is put on the spine leads to back pains, spinal dysfunction, and joint degeneration as well as headaches. This adversely affects the day to day operations of individuals at work and at home.

In total there are 31 sets of nerves, that branch out and travel to certain divisions of the body, from the spinal cord.

Spinal nerves have both motor and sensory fibres. An area of the skin innervated by the sensory fibres by a nerve are known as the dermatome. A group of muscles innervated by the motor fibre by a nerve is known as the myotome. There is a small variations to the distribution patterns that take place in each individual but generally speaking it is relatively consistent. Each muscle in the body is therefore supplied by a certain segment of the spinal cord. Take C7 for example, this allows us to bend our elbow.

Nerves can become injured through compression or force, which in many cases comes back to obtaining a poor posture. Spinal nerve root compression describes this pressure on the spinal nerve roots. This conditions leads to problems such as herniated disks. When this happens, there is a deficits that then occur in the corresponding limbs, for example a shooting pain down your leg may in fact be the result of a spinal misalignment.

At Advanced Myotherapy, in Carlton, we take on a non surgical approach, addressing the problem and the cause. Today we live in a quick fix society where surgery can produce positive results in certain cases, but often fails to heal the pain as the problem is not detected correctly in the first place. Surgery as well as been costly also carries the risk of complications which then can go on to require further surgeries.

We recognise each individual is different at Advanced Myotherapy, and therefore requires a treatment personalised to them. We offer a number of different approaches to treat spinal alignment by competent health professionals.

A Chiropractor will adjust you if subluxation (partial dislocation) is found or there is any other misalignment of your spinal joints. By adjusting the vertebrae a chiropractor will be restoring your natural spinal alignment. This releases any compressions on the spinal cord, allowing the signals through the nervous system to flow without been inhibited.

A session of massage therapy can also restore your posture by relaxing the muscles if the healthcare professional has a sound understanding of the neuromuscular system.

By providing our clients with this further knowledge and education enables an efficient recovery as well as long term results.

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Myofascial Release – 22nd March 2012 – Featured Article

What is Myofascial release and what exactly do we do here here at Advanced Myotherapy in Carlton, Melbourne? Lets go back to the basics.

Myotherapy’s literal translation means muscle therapy. The fascia, covering every muscle, bone, blood vessel, organ and nerve is a tough connecting tissue. This supports, cushions and provides stability for us during our everyday activities even sleeping. During a Myotherapy session the therapist applies pressure using a hands on technique that stretches out a restricted area of the fascia. This results in the effected tissue undergoing a change in length and therefore becoming softer and relaxed.

Restriction of the fascia system is the result of any kind of trauma, inflammation or poor posture. The fascia becomes tight, this restricts blood flow and consequently becomes a source of tension. There is a loss of strength, co ordination and endurance as a result. If not treated, the contraction process is accentuated and in the long run this poor muscular biometrics results in a alteration of the structural aliment. A common example of this is internal rotation of the shoulders. This can be the result from sitting at a desk on a computer all day with poor posture. The peck major muscles have become restricted pulling the body out of it’s normal alignment.

The benefits of myofascial release can be gained in just one hour by booking a session with a competent health professional, this can be in the form of myotherapy or even a massage therapy session. At Advanced Myotherapy we treat the problem and the root cause, maintaining our clients overall health, and allowing them to gain functional and pain free movement. Something which in reality should be an everyday given.

At Advanced Myotherapy all our initial appointments are 90 minutes. We will discuss with you the areas of your fascia which have become restricted and judge the severity through a physical evaluation. From here a treatment plan can be devised in order restore your range of movement. Relief from the initial pain can be obtained in this initial session, however in other cases a client may require further follow up treatments. In this instance at Advanced Myotherapy we offer a maintenance care package, where after 3 more treatments you will get the 4th one for free.

As well as the treatment sessions at Advanced Myotherapy, with either a massage therapist, myotherapist or chiropractor, we educate all our clients in combining this with basic self care routines at home. We encourage regular exercise, daily stretches and applying heat in the form of wheat bags to affected areas. Together this focuses on long term results, an active recovery and a commitment of self care towards restoring and maintaining the bodies equilibrium.


Maintaining Wellness in 2012

Advanced Myotherapy would like to wish all of you a wonderful fresh start for the new year. 

Last year was an enormous growth year for us as we expanded our sphere of practice into Chiropractic, welcoming Dr. John Ahmar on board. 

So now – not only are we treating the cause and symptoms – but we have a team that works together in helping the community to restore and maintain health from the core foundations.

For the New Year, we plan on continuing to develop our reach to an even greater capacity, to help our clients towards their potential for wellbeing. 

Offering a range of modalities to suit various needs of individuals, our confidence in being a trusted practice of specialist therapists is growing, with the numbers of successful treatments, programs and recovery results. 

Working with professional Sports men and women, elite athletes and acute to chronic injuries, we have a long list of testimonials (click here to see) from those who have recovered from injuries and conditions that the medical professionals have recommended surgery for. 

Last year we had a wonderful story of recovery, where by we assisted a client in avoiding surgery that was recommended and are pleased to say, have seen make huge progress in the right direction. 

Grant Smith reported having a new MRI a year after being told he needed surgery for a herniated disc…only to find it had completely healed in terms of structure, with a little more nerve regeneration to take place. 

Congratulations Grant, we could not be more stoked. So beyond recovery, our priority at Advanced Myotherapy is Self Maintenance and Care. 

So our advice to you, as someone who knows the value of Myotherapy and self care, is to make your health a priority this year, and maintain your wellbeing with regular stretching, exercise, a natural diet and regular treatments. 

We wish you a safe and productive HEALTHY 2012!

See you soon. 

Best wishes from the team at Advanced Myotherapy. 

August at Advanced Myotherapy

This month we bring you our new website

Check it out here:

Also a big “Congratulations” to those who completed the Melbourne Fun Run. We had some great feedback and results, which we are proud to be a part of.
August is also the last month of Winter, so be sure to take advantage of our Special 90-min Aromatherapy Massage for the price of 1 hour before appointments are taken! 
We are seeing quite a number of people getting colds at the moment, so for top tips on home remedies that don’t cost a cent, head to our facebook page by “clicking here” to find some top cold remedies & help keep the doctor away!
There we discuss methods of clearing congestion including the use of certain essential oils, as well as some powerful healing foods such as honey, that are anti-bacterial and have long been used as natural “anti-biotics”!

Our medicinal tea has been a big hit with clients who have been asking us for the recipe not only because of it’s healing powers but because it taste so great! So here it is… 

Simply squeeze 3 – 4 lemons in a jug, slice up about a dice size of ginger (or more if you wish), add honey and hot water and walla! It’s that easy and it doesn’t need to cost a cent! Don’t you love nature!

Also common in winter is the feeling of fatigue…
Fighting fatigue successfully depends on approaching the issue holistically, though there are a few golden principles that we feel you must know. Simple things such as a sufficient restful sleep, nutrients and physical exercise make the world of difference in keeping up with demands on our energy. 
If suffering sleep deprivation or having difficulties staying asleep at night, there are a number of handy things to know, that are used successfully by many to assist proper rest and relaxation. Usually a few drops of Lavender essential oil massaged into the temples and wrists will sooth the nerves and calm us enough to fall asleep. 
We also recommend Rescue Sleep Spray which is a botanical blend of flower essences that help in much the same way, only ingested orally with a couple of sprays under the tongue. This spray is great for those odd nights you find it that little bit harder to unwind and stop thinking while trying to fall asleep.
Sometimes it can be a good idea to set a routine of winding down at the end of the day to prepare for bed time. This can be as simple as having a hot shower. A great tip is to put a few drops of a  calming essential oil on the shower floor (or whatever oil you feel like), so as to have the steam work its magic in releasing the therapeutic benefits of the aroma, inducing a relaxed and pleasant mood. 
Switching off from technology is another big help that most people find, as going straight to bed after emailing or working on a computer, can be difficult to cut off from the stimulating brain noise.
Some great energy foods to help dissolve lathargy are citrus especially. Foods that are bright in colour are said to brighten our own energy levels, though another thing to watch, is that you don’t over eat. Eating too big a meal at any time during the day is known to zap your energy, leaving you feeling heavy, slow and weighed down. So if you find yourself suffering from winter fatigue and low energy, be sure to drink plenty of fluids so as not to fill up too much on heavy foods.
Last but not least, one of the best ways to enhace our energy levels is to ensure we are getting enough fresh air! Opening windows is a start, but exercising the lungs is vital for vitality, both physically and mentally, which is needless to say, as what influences the body, influences the mind and vice versa. Poor circulation is a common yet easiliy pre-ventable problem that many face, particularly with such poor building design, that does little to promote fresh air flow. 
Many office buildings are designed without windows that open, so if you are in an office building, be sure to get out during lunch for at least a brisk walk to open up the lungs and promote energy flow throughout the body. Employing these simple strategies can go a long way in enhacing your energy levels. Just a reminder, as it’s easy to forget, even though most of us already know, it can be good to sometimes have that little shove in the right direction, to apply our wisdom. 
Another little tip, is if you do work at a desk, and especially with a computer, make sure you balance the carbon with a plant by your side! This will make the air quality better for you also.
Lastly we have a new addition to our Health Essentials range which we know you will all love! We know some of you have been waiting for these to arrive, and finally they have. We welcome a fantastic little self care tool, the Massage trigger point knob. These little guys are great for laying on, either for the gluts, hips, neck or back…as well as applying pressure for self massage in aching areas. We are sure you will find them a useful tool.

That’s all for this month. We hope you are all enjoying the brighter days and budding plants again leading up to Spring. Have a fantastic August everyone. We look forward to seeing you soon for your next tune up!

July at Advanced Myotherapy

Here we are into the second half of 2011, mid winter already!

This month we look at: 

  • The Value of Stretching Long Term
  • Secret Benefits of Potatoes
  • The Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory foods
  • Joint Stiffness & Muscle Pain – How to avoid it
  • The Vital Role of Nutrition in Heart Health

The Value of Stretching Long Term…

All stiffness and pain in the muscles is experienced as a result of poor blood flow, circulation and range of motion, which is limited due to a lack of movement and tightening of the muscle tissue. Stretching is the most fundamental form of exercise in keeping the muscles soft, flexible and also strong in the long term by increasing the flow of energy and blood throughout the body, thereby enhancing vitality, wellbeing and structural integrity.

There are many simple stretches that can be done to avoid both injuries and pain, as well as assist in the recovery from both acute and chronic injuries. Keeping the muscles flexible and soft with stretching and movement is a vital key in maintaining health and longevity, preventing many of the ailments that come with ageing and physical stiffness. Keeping the spine mobile, preventing degeneration, deterioration and promoting blood flow to areas that many people suffer preventable conditions with, such as the eyes, neck and head. Click here to see our recent photo album, demonstrating some great simple stretches that can go a long way in preventing muscle imbalances, long term!

Secret Benefits of Potatoes…

Potatoes are revered for their healing properties, especially on the digestive system. Known as great kidney foods that help reduce stomach bloating and promote sustained energy (being the good “complex” type of carbohydrate). Potatoes have a bad reputation for their starch content, though this is exactly why they are so good for us! Starch acts like a sponge, cleansing and removing the body of toxic waste and congestion, as well as helping to regulate digestion. Click here to read more about the abundant benefits of potatoes, including promoting healthy skin!

The Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory foods…

We have recently added a new photo album on our facebook page with the top anti-inflammatory foods. Be sure to add these to your shopping list and consciously bring these foods into your diet to help prevent health problems later in life. Click here to browse the album and learn what each of these super foods have to offer our health and longevity. 

Joint Stiffness & Muscle Pain – How to avoid it…

Stiff joints and aching muscles are much more apparent as we settle into winter with the cold and damp weather. Keeping the muscles warm with movement and blood flow is the number one key to maintaining ease of motion and avoiding problems like arthritis later in life. It is said that all pain in a result of poor blood flow and blocked circulation, so regular exercise and stretching is vital in keeping such stiffness at bay, especially during the winter time. 

The Vital Role of Nutrition in Heart Health…

With heart disease being a leading cause of death, it is important to know that nutrition plays a vital role in the health of the heart. Grapefruit and other citrus fruits are said to be the ultimate heart super foods, helping to clear and unblock the arteries. 

Stress plays a large role in contributing to heart problems… and dealing with stress can be impossible without the support of a strong immune system…and we all know that vitamin C is essential to help build immunity. Other top Heart Foods include the obvious, being green leafy vegetables, but also both tomatoes and capsicums, which we can easily see why when it comes to their signatures. Just looking at these two we can see just how identical they are to the heart itself, with four chambers, exactly the same. 

One of the biggest contributing factors in heart problems is clogged arteries, which is most often as result of fatty blood/ cholesterol and simply overwhelming the body with fats. Sugar can be a great leading factor developing fat within the body by overwhelming it with refined and unnatural substances. As a healthy “alternative”, on the other hand, Honey…breaks down mucous, which the body stresses to push through and discard of (placing pressure on the heart & other organs).

Honey is an incredibly healing source of nutrition which is also an anti-bacterial…so next time you feel low on energy or have a sweet tooth, opt for honey in your tea or cereal instead of sugar, as this way you will be doing yourself a favour. This stuff is nature’s gold, and is far sweeter than sugar, so you need less of it and because it is a naturally occurring substance, it is slow releasing energy which does not shock and overwhelm them blood as sugar does.

Honey has also long been used in the healing of wounds because of it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal soothing properties, as well as it’s abilities to moisturise at the same time, so keep this natural gem in stock and you will be far better off in terms of health and wellbeing, in many ways. Honey has also been documented in medical journals for it’s effective treatment of diabetes and ulcers, and been used as a great “natural” anti-biotic – without the down side – of “side” effects! 

Aside from these principles, supporting our heart health with sufficient (around half of our diet) “raw” fruits and vegetables is a great way to sustain our vitality and longevity. Including plenty of cooked root vegetables especially now in winter will also provide a great balance to this principle, if incorporated with a lifestyle that includes at least light to moderate exercise to support the circulatory and cardiovascular system. 

When it comes to heart health, we must also remember that stress management also plays a key part in reducing the possibility of conditions developing later in life. Educating ourselves around the many techniques and therapeutic tools that are widely adopted in treating both stress and mental health issues/ supporting emotional wellbeing, can be the most influential pillar in creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. 

The key to wellbeing according to traditional eastern medicine…is “Balance”. So whether you are in need of relaxation to help d-stress or uplifting when energy is low, Aromatherapy Massage is a highly therapeutic method of restoring balance to both mind and body. Using essential oils with abundant healing properties, our Aromatherapy Massage focuses on providing the right balance needed for you as an individual. 

Remember we have a fantastic Winter Special with 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage for the price of 1-hour. And for those of you who are feeling the cold and are in need of a little Winter Warming…we have a wide range of quality wheat bags that have been helping many of our clients get through the tension that tends to come with winter. With these little goodies, we trust you will all have sufficient enough tools to get you through between tune ups. Until next time, have a great start to the second half of the year!

PS, If you are not already with us on facebook, click here & become a fan by clicking “like” at the top of the page!

Vital Winter Self Care

Welcome to Winter!!! 

As we have now settled well into the energy of this year, it is vital during the colder months that we keep our body balanced with warmth and maintain a strong range of motion. As we all know Massage is a great way to help encourage blood flow and circulation, so this winter we have a very Special 90-minute Aromatherapy Massage, for the price of 1-hour!!!…This special offer is our way of promoting good health and wellbeing this winter.

This month we look at:

  • Aromatherapy combined with Remedial Massage for circulation
  • Toxic household cleaning and beauty products – ingredients to watch!
  • Lung dis-ease & Respiratory Health – how to stay strong through winter
  • Diet & Lifestyle factors that build the immune system, pre-venting disease
  • Mood foods and the influence of nutrition on Mental Health

Aromatherapy Massage for circulation, digestion & skin…

Aromatherapy Massage is exactly the same as a remedial or relaxation massage, performed with the pressure preference applied through the treatment, only enhanced in it’s therapeutic benefits. Last month we discussed the benefits of Aromatherapy in treating ailments such as PMT and anxiety the natural way. 

Winter especially can be a challenging time for the circulatory system, which is another health issue, treated by many using the healing properties of particular oils. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are two of the most well known essential oils that work wonders on the circulatory system, clearing congestion, sinus and helping the respiratory system detoxify itself from mucous build up, which is common through winter. 

Both well known de-decongestants and anti-inflammatory, perfect for Monday morning fatigue and lethargy. Used in Aromatherapy treatments, these oils are refreshing and uplifting also offering soothing relief from headaches, skin conditions and irritations. 

Pepper-mint is also renowned for it’s ability to promote mental alertness, concentration and focus! Just think of the name- pepper. A stimulating spice, a warming, stimulant “pep up” spice, we often add to bring life to our cooking. Secondly, the name “mint” also has associations with “mind” and “ment”al realm, being such a powerful scent. Peppermint is a great essential oil that has been used for centuries as a digestive aid. 

A fantastic Winter Warmer essential oil we can use, is Ginger. Not only is this a powerful dietary staple, employed by many Eastern Medical practitioners, but it’s warm stimulating properties are also uplifting. Ginger is one of the best digestive stimulants, helping also to relieve nausea, improve circulation and ease muscular aches as well as arthritis!

Toxic Household Cleaning & Beauty Products…

We expose ourselves to a world of toxic chemicals and products frequently, between both home and work, from the shower and the bathroom beauty products, to the laundry at home. Between both our home environment to the workplace, we are constantly breathing in chemicals being omitted from the high toxicity wall paints to the hand “anti-bacterial” soaps, that weaken our immune system. 

One of the cheapest chemical ingredients used by many brands in product formulation, is “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate” or SLS. Used in many cosmetic and household cleaners, it is a dangerous chemical linked to cancer, showed to have long term retention in the bodies tissues. 

Upon finding this research a number of years ago now, I found it a very liberating experience to go through each of my cupboards, emptying them from the products that contained such toxic, carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients, and finding alternative, and equally effective solutions. 

Research has found that many of the “self care” products such as men’s shaving foams, actually cause “baldness” long term! Just think, in the shower, under hot water, our scalp and skin pores are being opened, allowing whatever we use on our skin, to seep straight into the blood steam, just as a nicotine patch works! 

There have also been a number of ingredients, commonly used in popular big name brands, that have links to infertility, which is a big issue that women and men are facing more and more in today’s world.  So let this be a gentle reminder, that what we use on our skin, has a long term impact on our health. 

Lung Dis-ease and Respiratory health – how to stay strong this winter…

Click here to read our latest article on pre-venting lung disease and protecting against cancer and other respiratory conditions. Here you will find the many self care and nutritional factors that help strengthen our immune system which is vital to protect against lung conditions. 

Diet & Lifestyle factors that build the immune system, pre-venting disease…

As Hippocrates “The Father of Medicine”  said, “Let food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food.”…we all have a lot to remember, not learn, when it comes to our health. The most important instrumental factor in maintaining our health and longevity, is our own Self Care, in both Diet & Lifestyle. Our advice is simply to go back to mother nature and take responsibility for your own health. 

Eliminating commercially refined and processed, lifeless and packaged foods from the diet, and incorporating the basic principles of health, eradicate the need for “health care” long term…as a result of sufficient yet simple “self care” practices.

Mood foods and the influence of nutrition on Mental Health…

Winter is a time that is said to be associated more than any other, with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression. Being the time of year that the sun is for the most part, hidden, we can easily become deficient in the most vital vitamin, vitamin D…known to enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. 

In the treatment of depression and mood “disorders”, or low emotional states, nutrition is one of the most influential factors with regards to the state of mind. Vitamin B and amino acids have been found to be the most beneficial nutrients for depression.

It is said that yellow foods have great powers when it comes to uplifting one’s moods and energy, which are highly appropriate for the winter time, when we need that extra boost for the immune system to maintain strength for the cold. So next time you are doing your weekly shop, be sure to add oranges and citrus fruits to the basket, along with other seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.

Mother’s “May” at Advanced Myotherapy

It’s almost mid Autumn as we approach Mother’s Day on Sunday the 8th of May!

This month we have a very Special offer for all Mothers Massage with a huge 50% off with the mention of this promotion. So be sure to spread the word and get Mum in for some much needed self care & time out.

This issue we discuss: 

  • Self Care as priority for both injury prevention & recovery
  • The benefits of Aromatherapy in treating many ailments “naturally”
  • How diet impacts on the many aspects of our wellbeing
  • Top 5 foods to help prevent illness & disease
  • Natural ways to detox, the drug free way

Self Care as priority for both injury prevention & recovery

The power of Self Care when it comes to injury prevention & recovery is the most vital influence over the strength and flexibility that allows the body to both avoid and heal from any kind of injury. Our priority is educating our clients in correct self care practices, such as stretching, exercise, lifestyle and diet as main points that play a role in our capacity to maintain physical balance.

We cannot stress enough, the great importance of lengthening and strengthening the muscles with both stretching and exercise, particularly light resistance training, when it comes to daily self care. There are many small things that we can do to nurture ourselves, that each go a great distance in helping us to maintain physical integrity, which contributes enormously to, if not mirrors our mental health. 

The benefits of Aromatherapy in treating many ailments “naturally”

One of the advantages of using Aromatherapy in our treatments is having the therapeutic benefits and results double from our work. Using a range of highly medicinal pure plant derived botanical essences, Aromatherapy is one of the most recognised therapeutic healing methods employed by many practitioners for many many years. One of the most abundantly used essential oils, known for it’s highly therapeutic benefits is Lavender oil.

The healing properties of Lavender oil are many, being one of the most calming, of aromas, it is known to assist with sleeping and a range of other ailments associated with stress and nerve damage such as burns. Lavender is an essential item in any household, for it has both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. 

Lavender is also a popular oil in assisting with the relief of PMT (pre-menstrual tension), anxiety and insomnia. There is a long list of ailments that are effectively prevented and healed with natures pharmacy. Aromatherapy employs the many healing properties of plant essences and is a method of healing too commonly bypassed in the attempt to treat illness. 

How diet impacts on the many aspects of our wellbeing

Diet is one of the most powerful and fundamental aspects of self care that contribute to our wellbeing. Eliminating packaged processed lifeless foods is one of the fastest, most effective ways of not only losing weight and detoxing, but simply being at the most vital and highest functioning that you can be, mentally, emotionally and physically. Women especially are influenced substantially by the foods they eat, when it comes to moods. 

There are certain foods that considered especially beneficial for improving moods. Citrus fruits are particularly known for their uplifting properties, as are all yellow and orange foods. The brighter the food, the brighter the mood.  

The Top 5 foods to help prevent illness & disease

The must have foods for the kitchen at all times include the most medicinal offerings nature has to offer. 

  1. Sea salt has healing properties that extend themselves across all areas of health. Helping the body to absorb nutrients, natural salt is essential for muscle health, heart health and keeping the Doctor away. When dehydrated and in hospital, people are placed in IV saline! What is saline? Salt water! It seems crazy that people can ignore that this costs money when it’s free to drink salt water or simply to ensure sufficient intake through the diet. 
  2. Garlic may keep people at a distance, though it’s another golden gift of nature that keeps the Doctor away. It’s no wonder people love the taste and smell of it in cooking. The body has an innate wisdom, that just knows what is good for it. It is also quite easy to grow, simply placing a clove in soil, it usually starts to shoot quite immediately. A natural antibacterial, you will not become ill with any kind of bacterial, viral or fungal infection if you include enough garlic in your diet, which means there is no need for the anti-bacterial gels and soaps that, not only contain nasty chemicals, but dry out the skin.
  3. Onion has powerful antibacterial properties like garlic that support the immune system substantially. Roasted with vegetable, mixed in a stir fry or contained in a salad, it’s a diverse food that can be added for great flavor to many types of meals or cooking. A staple in many Asian styles of cooking for it’s medicinal properties, onion is one of the top preventative foods when it comes to infection, illness and disease.
  4. Honey is natures gold. Helping to break down mucous, like salt, it serves in a very balancing way, to soothe and heal infections of all kinds. The healing powers of honey are many, known to support the immune system and its ability to cleanse and purify. Like salt, no bacteria or impurities can exist in it’s presence, so make sure you have it in your kitchen at all times. Sweeter than sugar, its a far healthier option and great alternative for those morning cups of tea.
  5. Lemon is one of the ultimate healing foods. With unbeatable cleansing and purification powers, it’s a fruit that has enormous energy to support immunity and particularly the function of the liver, with it’s detoxing benefits. Hot water in the morning with a squeezed lemon is a sure way to pre-vent and quickly treat many health conditions as it flushes the system very effectively.

Natural ways to detox, the drug free way…

Congestion is a prominent problem in our chemically overloaded environment, which can place a great deal of pressure on liver function, to flush and purify the toxins in the body. The mucous and congestion build up is hardened by treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, which merely masks the problem. Alternatively, many people are becoming “used to” this congestion build up, suffering needlessly with compromised hearing, vision and sense of smell, unknowingly. Sinusitis and blocked ears are often treated with nasal toxic sprays and invasive procedures such as syringing that can be quite painful. 

A natural method of clearing out mucous congestion, beyond prevention through diet, as discussed above, is Ear Candling. This is a gentle method of removing build up wax deposits from within and around the ear canals, sinus and neck area. Ear Candling is carried out using a hollow canvas tube as a gentle vacuum from the heat of the flame, drawing out wax and mucous from the ears, through a cone, that the canvas tube rests in. This method of healing has been used since ancient Egyptians developed it and continues to be employed as the most effective way of clearing congestion such as blocked sinus and ears. Click here to read more about how Ear Candling can help you.

You can also click here to read our latest post on “How to Clear Congestion”.  

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Its “Mother’s May” at Advanced Myotherapy, so say “I love you” with a Gift Certificate for Mother’s Day, on Sunday the 8th of May and be sure to let her know about our Special Mother’s Only Offer this month! 

Have a fantastic month everyone! Take care. 

April at Advanced Myotherapy

Autumn Self Care