Another area to be cautious in during Autumn is our respiratory system. Air quality can become damp during Autumn, because of the cool. Making sure we open windows at home daily, can go a long way to pre-vent stagnation and poor air circulation at home. Your bedroom especially needs to have well circulated air, for you spend around 8 hours each day sleeping there.

Another great tip, which will also pre-vent colds and flu which are a result of bacteria from congestion, is to visit a sauna to clear our the lungs. We recommend this to our clients, to help clear both toxins and congestion, and also to relax the muscles and reduce tension, and the feed back is fantastic!

Diet wise, eating plenty of onion, garlic and chilli peppers will also ensure a healthy autumn, free of congestion, bacterial and viral infections which can come with this cooler weather quite easily. The key is to get plenty of exercise and fresh air! Sun light is another reason to get outside and avoid the fatigue that comes with locking ourselves up inside with no fresh air or natural light. Have a fantastic April everyone. Thanks for visiting us!

Welcome to our  very first blog post! Watch this space for Self Care tips, advice and insights on maintaining wellbeing and vitality. We will keep you up to date with the latest news and be informing you of the best ways in which to support your health and be at your best!
April is warming up at Advanced Myotherapy as Autumn sets in. Tension rises as muscles tighten in the cold, which is why we encourage plenty of exercise to maintain healthy circulation. Walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are all wonderful ways to keep fit and vibrant, and also fantastic ways to strengthen the muscles so as to avoid deterioration, weakening and vulnerability to injury.

Another important factor when exercising, and especially with group fitness classes, is making sure you warm up “and” stretch. Too often people injure themselves due to insufficient stretching and carelessness in correct posture in exercise. Joggers need to be cautious of their shoulders rounding and pulling forward across their chests.

We see many joggers with poor posture due to a lack of correct running style or simply a lack of awareness. Avoid swinging your arms across your chest when running, and be sure to stretch enough before and after.