Autumn Self Care Essentials

The great thing about Autumn is the weather is fantastic for getting outside in nature! To keep things simple and less stressful, our purpose is not to overload our clients with too many lifestyle changes at once. For this reason, we like to to highlight a just a few key elements to achieving optimal balance long term. 

In Autumn, as the seasons change, this balance is all about getting as much Nature in the form of sunshine and fresh air while (in Melbourne especially) it’s mild and more attainable. 

The second Autumn self care essential is keeping yourNutrition high by simplifying things in a way that takes the stress out of life. There is a lot to know about nutrition however, if you understand the essential elements beinggood fat, fibre, protein and quality, you will be more easily able to manage a sustainable level of overall health. 

The third element we share this year is literally “Stress Management”. Yes, simple we know…but highly underrated! It’s one of our biggest killers as most know. So taking a few simple steps to reduce stress by cutting back on screen time, taking some silent time out alone frequently and cutting out mental pollution, especially in the evenings around sleep time, are what we feel to be small but powerful changes that make the world of difference to maintaining balance through the year.

Lastly but not least, the fourth pillar of Autumn health isMaintenance & Prevention. 

As a Myotherapy & Remedial Massage clinic, we know too well how bad things can get when we forget to maintain and use a preventative approach when it comes to illness, pain, injury and inflammation. To carry on with the warning lights, in the form of muscular niggles and discomfort, even taking pain killers, is asking for disaster as you carry on masking pain, aggravating underlying conditions, merely treating symptoms. 

Remember as the weather cools, it becomes even more vital to care for muscular health. Using wheat bags for heat therapy often is a great way to prevent pain getting worse, as is using self massage with a spikey ball, especially in areas like the shoulders and glutes. An obvious way to take a preventative approach and maintain body balance is with regular treatments. Dry needling, cupping, stretching, Myotherapy and Massage are incredibly helpful ways of ensuring you stay pain free as you move through Autumn.

We hope these Autumn Self Care Essentials are a good reminder for you to keep things simple rather than stressful. And last but not least, we would like to remind you to take advantage of our current Online Booking offer on Remedial Massage with $25 off! Simply click BOOK NOW on the home page of our website to take advantage of this while it lasts. 

Also, Please note: We are closed for Easter. Finally… we wish to thank all of those who have helped us achieve our latest Award! This Autumn we Celebrate our 5th Service Award!

Here are a few of the lovely kind words that have encouraged us along the way recently:

“I went in and I was struggling to walk and bend over from a major sore back. An hour session later with Jamil and I walked out feeling amazing. 24 hours later I was back playing squash and most of the pain had gone. A second session a week later and I made a full recovery … Thanks Jamil . Your a star.” – Nazih

“After struggling with upper and lower back pain for over 1.5 years and not getting results with other chiropractors, otseopaths and physio clinics (I have tried them all) my back is finally fixed! I was treated on several different occasions by both Alexi and Jamil and I can’t thank them enough. After 2 months of on going treatments/advice with them my back is fixed and I am pain free!” – Lachlan

“Have had a very sore shoulder and postural issues for a long time. Jamil targeted a part of my shoulder that in all my years of treatment had never been targets and gave me exercises to do to keep releasing it until my next visit. Highly recommend Jamil!” – Josephine