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Back pain causes discomfort and compromises any sufferer’s quality of life hence it should not be taken lightly. Today, it is the no. 1 cause of disability internationally. However, once you get this pain recurrently, it doesn’t mean you live with it.

There are preventative measures you can take just as there are relief measures too. Only in very extreme cases is surgery recommended.

Prevention Principles

Here are seven easy-to-follow and effective tips to prevent back pain:

#1. Exercise

Back pain is often due to a few reasons: One, you’re overweight. So, by exercising, you reduce the strain on your back. Two, With exercise, your joints remain fluid, so even small movements can be done easily. A good way of doing this is to keep yourself moving. Walk as much as possible, whenever possible through the day. Short walks to run errands are a good way of giving your joints the movement they need.

#2. Strengthen Your Bones with Calcium And Vitamin

A common cause of back pain is osteoporosis. You can stave off the possibility of getting it by strengthening your bones with calcium- and vitamin-rich diet. Calcium-rich food includes green leafy vegetables, milk, and yogurt; while you can get your content of Vitamin D from cheese, fatty fish, egg yolks, orange juice, and soymilk.

#3. Lifting Heavy Objects

If the cause of your back pain is back injury at work, perhaps you’ve lifted heavy objects wrongly. To prevent any future back pain, do the following:

  • Ask yourself whether you can, in fact, carry the load without pain or stress?
  • Separate your feet and position yourself so that one leg is a little in front of you for better balance. To lift an object on the floor, kneel down, setting one of your knees on the floor. Pick up the object but remember not to lift it while standing and bending at the waist.

#4. Eat Nutritious Food

Inculcate good eating habits and you won’t put any stress on your back which will cause you pain. Eat fruits and vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, and whole grains. Also, do not eat fast food or spicy food which will put a strain on your nervous system.

#5. Is Your Posture Right?

To prevent back pain, sit on a straight-back chair or one with low back support. Use a footstool to prop up your feet on. If you need to stand for long, pull your tummy in and keep your head up and look straight.

#6. Sleep on Your Side

For back pain prevention, your best position is to sleep sideways. Use a good pillow and mattress to support your head and neck and the rest of your body while you sleep. If you always sleep on your stomach, put a pillow on your stomach so that your back doesn’t feel any strain. Ensure that you get enough sleep every day. One way of doing this is to exercise every day.

 #7. Kick the Smoking Habit

It isn’t commonly known that apart from being a prime cause of heart disease and cancers, smoking can also cause back pain. Experts think it’s perhaps due to the narrowing of the blood vessels which causes fewer nutrients and oxygen to enter the spine. This causes the back to be more injury-prone and also heals slowly.


With these simple lifestyle modifications, you can prevent back pain. If after adopting these, you still experience unbearable pain, speak to your doctor and find out whether a combination of exercise and medication will help you more.

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