Good Friends Share Secrets

Get 50% by Referring a Friend

We’re so grateful we get to help our client community each day resolve all sorts of pain conditions problems and injuries to restore body balance.

So as a little inspiration, remember next time your friend says they can’t make it because of a headache, sore knee or because they’ve “done their back”,  you have an opportunity to help.

All good friends share secrets and with Advanced Myotherapy’s referral rewards, you get 50% off your next booking! Besides, we like people who help people (like us;)

On the subject of pain… while we’re here…remember it’s so important to maintain having “no pain”. It’s all about “movement” when it comes to muscle health! Maintaining both the “length AND strength” of muscles or core to having body balance!

Imagine your body as a sail boat. The structure, your spine and the sails your muscles. Let’s say the ocean is your em-oceans / stress (emotions both negative & positive with the tidal ebb & flow). 
Now imagine how powerful the muscles (sails) can be in determining the direction in which the boat will sail… How the ship “leans” and tilts to this side or that. 
Now, can you see how how powerful the muscular system is in pulling, supporting & guiding the alignment of the skeletal system?

Remember this image, next time you are enveloped by strong emotions also, as you navigate through stress by remaining grounded, strong and flexible at once. Just as you need to be in passing a storm 😉

We look forward to seeing you soon. Until then… Take Care.

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