Most pain comes from musculoskeletal tissue and pain is the leading cause of someone seeking medical help. What many people don’t understand about pain is that we cause it ourselves, and secondly it’s purpose is to communicate to us the need for change and balance. What many people tend to do is opt for pain killers before even knowing how simple it can be to reverse and recover from.

Our latest book Moving Beyond Pain discusses this at length so as to help  people understand their pain and therefore move through it much faster. How you perceive and understand your pain has a great influence over how you experience it and to what degree it impacts your condition of life.

Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping people learn natural ways to rehabilitate from pain through self care education. Our first book Self Care Medicine goes into great detail about the many factors contributing to the quality of life that results from how we live it.

In our book Moving Beyond Pain, we share the simple ways that you can change your habits to enhance your quality of life based on the key principles of musculo-skeletal health.

Through the book, we share the essential elements of self care that lead to a balanced body to prevent and recover from pain effectively. One of the key principles of doing this is to:

  1. Ensure you have an active life. Movement is life and stagnation leads to deterioration. Regular “sweating it out” with corrective exercise and training is one of the best ways to prevent muscle weakening, injuries, pain and deterioration. Pain results from an imbalance, be it from overuse, misuse or having a sedentary lifestyle. Stiffness is one of the leading causes of pain that comes from a inactivity.
  2. Stretch longer and more often. Maintain flexibility while it’s still easy.  Stop using your stiffness as an excuse for not stretching or doing Yoga. It’s even more of a reason to get started. Be gentle with yourself and remember to bend so you do not break. You can either be the willow or the hard wood. Tight muscles become shortened and create pressure, strain and pain. A little stretching goes a long way;)
  3. Hydrate. Sounds simple and it is. The problem is, people overcomplicate most things. The musculoskeletal system is the largest in the body and uses the most of our energy. This is why a lot of pain comes from insufficient energy in the form of fuel. Fill up a bottle in the morning and drink a large portion of it first thing. Think of it as a shower for your organs and fluid for movement in general.
  4. Sleep on your back! Pregnant women envy everyone’s ability to do this! Just think of a pregnant woman not able to lay on their backs. There is so much stress on the shoulders when you sleep on your side. If you sleep on your stomach, it’s even worse on your neck. Think of all that time you spend sleeping in that posture! Sleeping on your back is the best way to bring the body back into balance. Side sleeping creates hip and shoulder imbalances and rounded posture. The best thing you can do for your posture and pain is sleep correctly.
  5. Care for your muscles! Feed them well. They are what help us move and function after all. They need salts! Remember to have sufficient 1.5 grams of unadulterated natural sea or rock salt daily minimum (more for athletes).  Monitor stress factors holistically as each factor on it’s own may not lead to pain, however multiple stressors together can lead to exhaustion and pain quickly. Just remember the ultimate influencer over your quality of life is self care. It’s the most essential element to health!