Remedial Massage for Muscle Pain

Recover from back pain, migraines, injuries and chronic pain naturally, with Remedial Massage and Myotherapy by qualified and highly experience therapists.

Our highly skilled team of Myotherapists and Remedial Massage therapists offer treatments for sports injuries and athletic performance, as well as work related RSI sufferers with fantastic results.

If you are someone who has tried a range of traditional and alternative treatments for your pain, but it keeps resurfacing with little long term results, our Remedial Massage and Myotherapists are well known for getting to the bottom of the issue.

We strive to empower people in their journey back to full physical potential, range of motion and mobility.

Pregnancy Pre & Post Natal Massage

Myotherapy can provide relief from muscle pain during and post pregnancy.

Benefits of Massage for Mothers:

  • Decrease discomfort from stiffness and muscle tension,
  • Relieve from Varicose veins, Cramps and Swollen legs,
  • Reduce incontinence/ pelvic imbalance
  • Provide a greater sense of stability after birth
  • A faster birth and pregnancy recovery rate
  • Help restore pre pregnancy muscle tone and circulation
  • Reduce stresses from carrying/caring for newborns
  • Improve ability to carry/feed the child without discomfort
  • Prevent physical and emotional accumulation of tension.

What to expect in your Massage treatments at our clinic:

  • A thorough posture assessment
  • Deep tissue manipulation
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Assisted stretching
  • Cupping
  • Heat therapy
  • Corrective care plans
  • Self Care education

Our beautifully ambient clinic environment helps allow you to unwind and switch off with relaxation sounds and aromatherapy helping create an overall uplifting experience.

We incorporate remedial massage for specific injuries and complaints to free muscles from pain and restriction. Read more about the “Benefits of Muscle Therapy”

“I severely dislocated my right shoulder in Jan 2013. I’m a painter by trade and play cricket. I’m also right handed, which left me wondering if i could ever paint properly and for long durations again. Playing cricket was also possibly out of the question. With the treatments and education on maintaining my shoulder with corrective exercises, I’ve been able to paint full time and play cricket with no issues at all.”

Hamad RushtonPainter, Cricket Player

“I have chronic tmj and recurring pain in my right shoulder and neck, diagnosed since 2008. I have tried chiro, osteo, physio and massage for several years and had little effect and a lot of financial outlay… I am extremely relieved by the treatment and impressed with the knowledge, empathy, professionalism and insight of the practitioners.”

Clareissa HolmeYouth Worker

“Over all of the years I have been seeing the Physiotherapist, not once have I learned what you taught me today about caring for myself in the right way. What a difference I feel already. Thank you.”

Alda Verde

“I came to Advanced Myotherapy on recommendation, for the severe pain down my leg. I am now free from the debilitating pain I was constantly in. I highly recommend Advanced Myotherapy for anyone seeking better health.”

Lazarus Karasvvidis Wattle Health

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