Advanced Myotherapy have a number of different programs and packages to suit specific needs of our client community. Our clients range from high performing athletes to those who take their health seriously and value Self Care and Health Maintenance. Our packages are designed to make reaching your full physical and performance potential more possible and accessible. From the class packs to the Maintenance Care Package, Posture Transformation and Self Care Program, we offer Pain and Injury recovery solutions.

Included Value Maintenance Care Package Buy 3 x 60 min + 1 FREE 30 Day Posture Transformation 3 x weekly 90 min + 1 FREE 12 Week Self Care Mastery
Posture assessment Included
Posture correction Included
Self Care education Included
Myotherapy / Remedial Massage $120 /hr 4 x 60 min 4 x 90 min 12 x 45 min
Care planning Included
Exercise Rehab class $45 60 min 1-1
Exercise Theraband $15
Spikey massage ball $20
Trigger Point Foam Roller $60
Spine length wheat bag $40
Heal Yourself book $24.95
Self Care Medicine book $24.95
Moving Beyond Pain book $24.95
Lavender Essential oil $20
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Consultation $100
Total Value $540 $909.95 $1700
Investment $360 Upfront $670 or $170 x 4 weekly installments $997

or 12 x $87 weekly instalments