Pregnancy Massage

A healthy (mostly) pain free pregnancy = increased likelihood of a better birth. A better birth = a healthier baby. A heathy baby = A happy stronger new mum. A happy Mum = a happier, healthier baby.

It all starts now. With you! Preparation = Success! As the old saying goes…”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is where research and learning come in so handy. It’s where a Birth Preference / Wish Manifesto or Vision if you will, becomes what many people call and refer to as a “Birth Plan”.

Many people scoff at the idea of a birth plan…however, many more understand how helpful it can be, come the big day.

Most of all though, it’s Pregnancy (mostly) above all else that prepares a mother for birthing her baby in a healthy way to provide the best start to life possible.

This is where we come in! Supporting a mother during one of the most (physically) challenging growth and hormonal journeys is something we love. Why, because it’s where our work can make such a huge difference between pain and balance.

Regular Pregnancy Massage and Myotherapy is something we know makes a difference to mothers as they journey through rapid changes of body balance as the uterus grows and changes the pelvic demands just to begin with.

Pregnancy Massage can either be performed side lying or with a Belly Pillow where a mother will have a rare opportunity (if ever during mid to late pregnancy) to lay on her stomach. Giving the shoulders a rest from lying on the side is one of the best aspects of using a belly pillow, as a mother cannot sleep on her back during pregnancy.

The far too common lower back pain symptoms of pregnancy are surprisingly preventable with the right support including regular Massage and body treatments as well as (the right) exercise. We promote corrective exercises to keep a mother physically balanced in pregnancy so as to prevent pain. There is no better time to take care of ones posture than in pregnancy, as this is where it really makes a difference.

In our latest book Moving Beyond Pain, we share simple Self Care tools a mother can use in order to have a healthy pregnancy and better birth in the last chapter, all about Pregnancy Birth and Beyond. We also she 3 ways you can ensure a healthy pregnancy and better birth in one of our blogs here.

If you’re expecting, now is a great time to take advantage of our online Pregnancy Massage offer for online bookings. Save $25 on a 60 minute Pre-Natal Massage simply by booking online. This brings the investment down to just $95 and with any Private Health Fund rebates, you could be investing as little as 50% of the regular price. Plus, if you ant to learn more about Natural Health in Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, head on over to our Beautiful Birth & Beyond facebook page here.