Myotherapy is a system of treating muscular dysfunction, injuries and pain

Myotherapy uses a range of modalities including dry needling, cupping and advanced remedial massage.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, a sports injury, arthritis – in fact any joint or muscle problem – Myotherapy can help relieve your pain and get you moving again.

Myotherapists are trained to assess the underlying causes of joint, muscle and nerve injuries and provide effective treatment.

They use a wide range of drug-free techniques to relieve pain, restore movement and prevent further problems.

Advanced Myotherapy is a HICAPS compliant clinic offering electronic Private Health insurance claims to reduce cost of treatment.

    Our warm clinic environment helps allow you to unwind and switch off with quality relaxation sounds and aromatherapy constantly contributing to our calming atmosphere and practice.

    We also incorporate remedial massage therapy for specific injuries and complaints to free muscles from pain and restriction. Read more about the“Benefits of Muscle Therapy”

    What to expect in your initial visit:

    • Postural assessment, specific self care education for pain symptoms, injury/ surgery recovery, prevention and drug dependence reduction. Musculoskeletal and nerve health check, muscle therapy for spinal support, nerve function and cellular regeneration. Treatment plan and remedial self care prescription. Implementation of suitable modalities from PNF assisted stretching, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.
    • What to bring: Any x-ray, scan or MRI reports for recent and or current injuries.

      Who we work best with:

      Our ideal clients

      Place a high value on physical health

      Are committed to achieving results

      Value performance and health

      Like to exercise regularly

      Understand investing in health is worth it

      Advanced Myotherapy’s approach is simple, fast and effective. At our clinic, we make fitness and physical performance achievable by applying simple, effective strategies of musculoskeletal alignment and mechanical diagnosis and therapy.

      Our programs and packages are designed to fact track injury recovery and relieve neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain and promote physical mobility.

      Our mission is to empower people to live pain free and perform at their physical best.


        Cupping is a traditional healing method that helps promote the release of tight, restricted fascia and calcified, stagnant muscle tissue by drawing toxins to the skins surface for elimination.  Cupping is a natural method of stimulating blood flow and circulation to restore free flowing energy and movement through the body.

        This treatment is recommended once a month for the best self maintenance and prevention of dis-ease and accumulated physical restriction. Rejuvenating scar tissue to allow for better circulation, this treatment is especially great for women with PMT, people with frequent headaches and migraines and general stiffness or joint pain.

        Packages and Programs

        Included Value 5 Yoga Class Pass 4 Strength Class Pass Maintenance Care Package Buy 3 x 60 min + 1 FREE 30 Day Posture Transformation Program 3 x weekly 90 min + 1 FREE
        Posture assessment Included
        Posture correction Included
        Self Care education Included
        Myotherapy / Remedial Massage $120 /hr 4 x 60 min 4 x 90 min
        Care planning Included
        Exercise Rehab class $30
        Myo-Balance classes $25 5 Classes 1 Bonus Unlimited
        Exercise Theraband $15
        Spikey massage ball $20
        Trigger Point Foam Roller $60
        Spine length wheat bag $40
        Heal Yourself book $24.95
        Self Care Medicine book $24.95
        Moving Beyond Pain book $24.95
        Lavender Essential oil $20
        Total Value $125 $120 $540 $909.95
        Investment $100 $100 $360 $670