Myo-Balance for Mobility, Injury Recovery & Pain Management

Discover the simple, fast and effective corrective exercises that bring your body back into alignment. Balance your muscular system for holistic longevity and wellbeing. Don’t get lost in a crowded class. Join our small class for expert lead posture correction myo-balance training. Our therapists and teachers facilitate classes to empower clients to reach greater mobility and faster rates of injury recovery.

Our classes offer focused spinal alignment incorporating stretching and Yoga therapy along with strength and conditioning training. The purpose of our classes are to empower you to move beyond your pain and gain greater mobility and increased range of motion for a better quality of life. Learn how to manage pain naturally yourself with specific exercises to work with your individual needs.

Class Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00AM Hannah 11AM Jess Strength 11AM Jess Strength 7AM Jess Strength 8AM Hannah Yoga
12PM Hannah Yoga 12PM Hannah Yoga 12PM Jess Strength 8AM Jess Strength 9:15AM Hannah Yoga
9AM Jess Strength 10:30AM Hannah Yoga
6PM Kate 6PM Hannah Yoga 6PM Kate 6PM David Yoga 6PM David Yoga

Yoga based Class Facilitator

Hannah Beggs

Hannah Beggs

Yoga Instructor

Hannah has been a dedicated Yogi for 6 years now and lives and breathes Yoga. She has studied and taught Yoga globally and offers a truly insightful journey through the body in her classes.

Hannah offers personal one on one attention in all classes and works with individuals to assist their unique journey of recovery in order to enhance and empower people’s ability to move beyond pain naturally.

Yoga Instructor / Myotherapist

David Toshack

David Toshack

Yoga Teacher & Myotherapist

David is not only a Myotherapist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant but as a Yoga instructor he is passionate about evolving himself in order to grow in his ability to help others.

Having suffered from and been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Scoliosis he brings the wisdom and personal insight to his classes that only lived experience can offer.

David’s classes offer the added advantage of being able to physically enhance training with specific knowledge of the musculo-skeletal anatomy.

Strength Based Myo-Balance Coach

Jess Curl

Jess Curl

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jess Curl is a Functional Nutritionist and Wellness Coach specialising in Strength and Conditioning. She has her own Gym in Fitzroy and works with Advanced Myotherapy’s clients to empower them to move beyond pain.

Jess has been a Professional athlete (Soccer Player) and competed in Strongman competitions. She is a passionate self professed Health Nerd and writes a regular health blog.

Her work at our clinic is focused on getting clients back to 100% through Myo-Balance rehab classes.

Myo-Balance Trainer

Kate Hanegraaf

Kate Hanegraaf

Myo-Balance Trainer

Kate is a Doctor of Physiotherapy student at Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Structure and Function.

Kate’s passion for the musculoskeletal therapy aspect of Physiotherapy has lead her to Advanced Myotherapy, as someone who respects the work that is done by Myotherapists.

Kate is a competitive netball player and snow boarder and enjoys keeping fit.

As someone who understands anatomy and physiology, she is well prepared to answer questions and explain what we do at the clinic.

Yoga Myo-Balance Group $25 / hour

5 Pack Pass $100

Private 1-1 $45 / hour

5 Pack Pass $200

Strength Myo-Balance $30 / hour

4 Pack $100