Injury Rehab & Pain Management

Discover the simple, fast and effective corrective exercises that bring your body back into alignment. Balance your muscular system for holistic longevity and wellbeing. Don’t get lost in a crowded class. Our therapists and teachers facilitate private and personalised self care education and rehab classes to empower clients to reach greater mobility and faster rates of injury recovery.

Our classes offer focused spinal alignment incorporating stretching and Yoga therapy along with strength and conditioning training. The purpose of our classes are to empower you to move beyond your pain and gain greater mobility and increased range of motion for a better quality of life. Learn how to manage pain naturally yourself with specific exercises to work with your individual needs.

Class Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00AM Hannah 8AM Hannah Yoga
12PM Hannah Yoga 12PM Hannah Yoga 9:15AM Hannah Yoga
10:30AM Hannah Yoga
6PM Jamil 6PM Hannah Yoga 6PM Alexi 6PM David Yoga 6PM David Yoga

4 Pack Pass $100