Preventing Surgery with Corrective Myotherapy

5 Signs you should try Myotherapy

5 Signs you may be due for another tune up
  1. You have chronic neck and back pain…

Spinal restriction placing pressure on the nervous system causes pain. Tight muscles and fascia along the spine (erector spinae) is the leading cause of this pain.

Often people say they visit various therapists for spinal adjustments without lasting results. The reason for this is due to the fact that tight muscles are the origin of the condition, not the resulting spinal and neural pressure that comes with pain.

2. You’re getting frequent headaches and migraines…

Addressing the root cause of symptoms, often originating from poor postural habits, we combine treatment with self care education which has a lasting impact. Treating the neck alone without addressing the habitual causes often result in only temporary relief from pain. 

3. Old injuries still stop you from being able to do what you used to…

Injuries from years ago even still today, are stopping you from certain activities you once loved. Myotherapy breaks up scar tissue around trauma areas that haven’t yet healed properly, from deep tissue release work to dry needling trigger points to rid you of any residual muscle memory of old injuries. 

4. You are noticing your own bad posture and shallow breathing…

Shallow breathing is a symptom of bad posture resulting from internally rotating shoulders, especially common in side or stomach sleepers and office workers. Noticing your own bad posture is a sign you’ve left treatment too long. Maintaining muscular balance is essential for spinal health and will prevent a multitude of ailments from herniated discs to even worse – spinal nerve root compression.

5. Your usual shopping centre massages are not working…

The random rub downs miss all the key points, fail to warm up the muscles and while you generally walk in on the spot, they simply missed all the spots! You even tried pain killers and they only masked the stress, leading you to soldier on and make things worse! Feeling like a visit? BOOK NOW


Our Self Care & Posture Correction classes target specific musculo-skeletal imbalances to address individual weakness and restriction causing pain. The small class sizes offer intimate one on one focus to instil correct posture for individually targeted realignment.

ClicBOOK NOW or call us to ask about our 2 for 1 intro offer.

Stand taller with our therapist run Self Care alignment classes specific to your needs. Book any time online and gain far more benefits from the individual focus you wont get from large fitness, Yoga or Pilates classes.


Foam Rolling for Pain

Foam rolling for ‪ myofascial‬ release and posture correction‬ to bring the ‪‎shoulders‬ back can help relieve many pain symptom in the body. From headaches and neck and shoulder pain, foam rolling can reduce a range of physical complaints from muscular imbalance.

Myotherapy incorporates a holistic approach in educating clients in self care for long term results. Office workers and trades people often have roFoam roller carltonunded shoulders as a result of their working habits. Myotherapists call this the activities of daily living, which are a strong focus of our work, to instill corrective care to counter balance any repetitive strain potential for future or repeated injury prone vulnerabilities. 

We use a range of different tools including Trigger Point Foam Rollers to encourage our clients to use effective techniques to gain the most out of there personal goals for either maintenance or recovery. Laying on or self massage with the use of a trigger point foam roller is a fantastic way of recovering from debilitating pain, be it from overuse in sports and endurance activities or simple pain, tension and stiffness.

Allowing the spine and muscles to reverse themselves into a balanced and corrected alignment, using a foam roller can fast track posture correction where treatment alone would not compete.

We encourage our clients to take an active role in their muscular maintenance so as to not only “make our job easier” but to ensure more of a longer term balance that can be incorporated to prevent ongoing and persistent pain symptoms.

Advanced Myotherapy grows!

We have expanded our clinic which means we are able to  keep up with our booking demands! This means more available peak time appointments can be made which makes us very pleased.


Clinic Renovations

It has been a long time coming and our fresh modern space has plenty of natural light and fresh air which we are loving! Upstairs we have 3 new beautifully designed spacious rooms that we know you will love!

Private Health Insurance Claims

Remember as the end of the year approaches, for those of you with private health cover, rebates do not roll over, so once again…don’t let it go to waste.

Upcoming Christmas Promotion

Lastly but not least, we do have a Christmas promotion coming up so keep your eye on your inbox.

Until then, we look forward to seeing you for your next tune up! From all of us at Advanced Myotherapy, Take care.


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Sports Myotherapy

Our Carlton Myotherapy clinic has seen many Sports professionals achieve significant triumph. Not only in their chosen sport, but in the face of medical prognosis. By overcoming sports injuries and recovering far beyond expected. This inspires us at Advanced Myotherapy!

Seeing professional athletes overcome pain and being able to continue doing what they love, is why we do what we do! From being told by doctors that he would never be able to play football again to winning best on ground game after game, one of our clients Paul Scanlon, suffering lumbar spinal nerve impingement was astounded by his results with Myotherapy. hicaps massage

Sports Myotherapy is a great example of how powerful muscular balance can be, how much potential it has to increase our physical potential and overall quality of life! Performance in every area of life can be enhanced by Myotherapy.

From stress reduction and the resulting mental health, Myotherapy promotes all round better health. In order to assist our wonderful client community and welcome new clients, we offer a fantastic Maintenance Care Package.

To significantly reduce the cost of treatment, our maintenance deal offers a 4th treatment free when buying 3 upfront.

To book, simply click book now from our home page and select a time available.

We treat a wide range of debilitating injuries daily. Our maintenance deal is a fantastic way of helping our clients overcome injuries and recover from pain.

So please do not hesitate to ask us how we can help you and your specific condition.

If you have any particular questions, simply head to our contact us page or give us a call before you book.

Myotherapy for Health

Myotherapy  promotes restored blood flow and wellbeing in releasing restricted fascia that places undue pressure on the spine.

FullSizeRender (7)


The body’s incredibly vital circulatory system can greatly be supported with modalities such as remedial massage and dry needling, used in Myotherapy.

Dry needling is applied to the muscular system for the release of restricted fascia and muscle fibres that prevent a natural and full range of motion.

As a method of restoring full physical potential, Myotherapy uses dry needling among other holistic modalities such as cupping, myofascial release, remedial and trigger point therapy as well as PNF stretching, for the purpose of facilitating recovery, much less attained via more isolated approaches treating symptoms without their root causes.

At Advanced Myotherapy, we promote the effective recovery of injuries, assisting people to re-gain full function often faster than expected and thought possible.

Using various techniques, we work to release muscles in areas of both chronic and acute levels of imbalance and pain.

Helping to stimulate blood flow in stagnant areas with poor circulation and stiffness Myotherapy is a great method of treating pain caused by injuries, general stress and winter lethargy. 

Tightening muscles have a purpose of protecting the organs inside from the cold outside…being the reason why cold weather can leave us feeling exhausted in the best conditions. 

Simple things such as a sufficient physical exercise & heat application to aching muscles, can help release tension from activities of daily living while preventing long term habituated poor posture and pain. 
Using the aid of nature’s healing essential oils such as Lavender massaged into muscles as well as the the temples and wrists can also sooth the nerves, offering further relief from stress and pain in the body.
Understanding the very physiological connection between the nervous system, bodily functions, pain and the spinal health, can be key to seeing the importance of muscular balance in order to maintain postural alignment.
Incorporating a Holistic approach in treatment, Advanced Myotherapy offer a more personalised experience that makes a longer term difference in postural health. Self care planning is an integral part of our work as we consider each individual’s unique lifestyle and contributing stress factors on postural imbalances.
We make Self Care simple so it can become a part of your every day. Making small but specific changes to align, correct and reverse bad habits, our aim is to work with you in creating lasting personal transformation.

Natural Neck Pain Solutions

The leading causes of neck pain include:

  1. Misaligned shoulders that are typically rounded, which lead to:
  2. A poorly aligned neck (forward tilting), which leads to:
  3. Tremendous strain on the neck muscles, which leads to:
  4. Chronic pain, build up of strain, with potential long term effects (migraines and headaches, etc.)

Postural imbalance resulting in rounded shoulders and neck pain is also a common source of headaches!

Below we share a few exercises that are effective as home self care for the improvement of posture to reduce upper back, shoulder and neck pain.

power posture myotherapy

Foam rolling or laying on a tightly rolled towel and placing it under the spine – is a wonderful way to relax the shoulders back, opening the chest and pectoral muscles to reduce strain on the upper back and dramatically improve posture.

Doing so for up to 10 minutes to reverse poor posture at the end of each day is an ideal way to prevent pain from stiffness also effecting our overnight muscular balance long term.

To lengthen the muscles of the neck bring your ear to the shoulder, place your hand on the ear and gently guide your head to the shoulder to deepen the stretch. Hold for a minute each side.




Self care exercises are great way to maintain and often prevent restrictions although finding and addressing the cause of the problem is essential to long term results.

At Advanced Myotherapy we can help by assessing your lifestyle to find the cause of the restrictions which may be caused by things such as your sleeping position or posture at work.

Depending on the origin of the restriction, you will be given more specific self care exercises which can be done at home that will target specific muscles to further relieve restrictions and maintain normal muscle range of motion.