Specialising In Difficult To Treat And Chronic Pain Conditions

Advanced Myotherapy have featured in over 100 media releases across the globe and has multiple service awards. We are known for our success in treating difficult, complicated and severe musculo-skeletal health conditions.

Recipients of multiple Service Awards (2013, 2015 & 2016),  we offer effective recovery solutions for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Our team of qualified and experienced Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists have helped many people overcome seemingly incurable conditions to go on to live their life the way that they want to.

As founders and co-authors of the book “Self Care Medicine – A Guide to Living Well” and their new book, Moving Beyond Pain, Matthew & Leah combine decades of shared experience, with a highly skilled team, to promote pain free living and posture correction.

Treating elite and professional athletes as well as a wide range of injuries daily, we have a strong focus on corrective care education.

Our passion is facilitating injury recovery beyond medical expectation and prognosis. 

    Matthew Cleary

    Matthew Cleary

    Author & Founding Director

    Matthew Cleary has 16 years experience and is the co-author of Self Care Medicine and Moving Beyond Pain. Establishing Advanced Myotherapy in 2008, through word of mouth referrals alone, without ever advertising, Matthew’s client base grew to the point where he recruited a team at Advanced Myotherapy.

    Matthew is part of the historical AFL success of the Brisbane Lions, working with them through achieving 4 consecutive Grand Finals, with 3-peat premierships from 2001. He has been a highly sought after therapist since working with the team for ten years.. Offered his own full time clinic with the Brisbane Lions at the GABBA, Matthew chose to stay in Melbourne, opening Advanced Myotherapy.

    As an industry leader, Matthew has been consulted by many fellow health professionals in clinical practice and skills development, and provides ongoing support, training and professional development at Advanced Myotherapy.

    Matthew has been interviewed for his career success by NMIT in both 2002 & 2014 and has achieved 3 service awards since establishing Advanced Myotherapy.

    Jamil Malikyar

    Jamil Malikyar


    With an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, Jamil has 3 years experience in the field and prides himself on his drive and passion. Jamil is is a dedicated full time member of the Advanced Myotherapy team.

    In his spare time, Jamil’s passion is playing soccer and walking his dogs.

    Alexi Pilipasidis

    Alexi Pilipasidis

    Alexi is a fully qualified and registered Myotherapist also with a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

    Alexi practices Jiu Jitsu Marital Arts and has worked as a therapist with the Western Bulldogs Football club as well as the Northern Blues VFL Football Club as a Sports Trainer.

    Gavi Radovsky

    Gavi Radovsky


    Gavi has been in the industry since 2014 when he began working with the Western Bulldogs AFL football team. Gavi has keen interests in Health, Music, the Environment and Kung Fu.

    David Toshack

    David Toshack

    Myotherapist - Yoga Instructor - Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

    David offers personal experience in recovering from debilitating pain conditions using the very modalities he now incorporates as a therapist.

    Inspired by the transformation both he and his clients have been able to make in moving beyond pain, David has built a fantastic reputation among his clients since making a dramatic lifestyle and career change from being a software engineer a number of years ago.

    Diagnosed with scoliosis and fibromyalgia himself, David offers personal insight into what it takes to manage pain and realign the body naturally.

    Completing Myotherapy studies in 2016, David now offers another modality, in addition to Remedial Massage, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting & Yoga teaching.

    Hannah Beggs

    Hannah Beggs

    Myo-Balance Class Instructor

    Hannah came to Yoga when she was traveling through Nepal with her family at the age of 16. She has been expanding her understanding of the ancient Indian natural sciences since this time.

    After using Yoga and meditation to heal her own physical, mental and spiritual imbalances Hannah decided to study in India to become a teacher and share the practice in Australia with all people open to it.

    At the heart of her teaching journey is the love for guiding people back to alignment with their best version of their perfectly unique glorious selves. Other practices in Hannah’s life include permaculture, documentary photography/film making and song/music making.

    Yoga Alliance registered Hatha Yoga instructor

    Service Awards

    Among our clients

    Premiership Teams

    • The Melbourne Mustangs Ice Hockey team
    • The Melbourne Ice Hockey team through their 3-peat championship
    • The Brisbane Lions AFL football team, during their 3-peat premiership
    • The South African Rugby Union League
    • National Body building competitors


    • Professional Football Premiership players
    • Professional Cricket players & Boxers
    • Power lifters
    • Martial artists
    • Marathon competitors

    High Performing

    • Circus performers & Gymnasts
    • Health Industry Executives, Surgeons & Entrepreneurs
    • Premier Soccer League team the Oakley Cannons &
    • Melbourne Rebels Rugby team
    • AFL Champions

    “The best treatment in Melbourne. After four weeks of a chest infection and sore ribs from constant coughing, the doctor advised there was no more they could do except for me to take the antibiotics. One hour with Matt and I am breathing deeply again and have stopped coughing. Do yourself a favour and experience the magic of this myotherapy clinic!” 

    Rose Gigliotti

    “Both the surgeon and the Physio told me I would never get feeling back down the outside of my foot.. After 2 sessions at Advanced Myotherapy of doing trigger point needling, stripping the ligaments and some deep tissue work I’m already getting sensation back! Not only that, my mobility has increased immensely and my ankle bone has reappeared from breaking down the scar tissue – it’s amazing what your body has the ability to do given the right tools! This is only the beginning, dreaming of the day I can squat again!” 

    Jess CurlWellness Coach

    “Matthew at Advanced myotherapy helped me become migraine free! I was having several migraines a month and had to take strong painkillers, leave work abruptly and shut myself in the dark for 24hrs. Matthew found an issue with my neck which was causing the problem. He also taught me to self manage and I now know how to recognise symptoms and care for my health much better! THANKS ADVANCED MYOTHERAPY! :)”

    Elleanor Martin

    “Learnt so much of what’s going on with you, compared to anyone in the past. Looking forward to the next treatment already. Best treatment I’ve had. Thanks to advanced mythorapy I’m feeling great and ready for the big boxing match next week. Thanks heaps. 

    Kodar AssiNorthside Boxing Gym

    Active Recovery for Athletes

    Preventing Surgery with Corrective Myotherapy