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Get more from your treatment

After care is such an essential element of successful body therapy such as Remedial Massage and Myotherapy. At Advanced Myotherapy, our key focus lies in the value of Self Care as a vital aspect of muscle health and pain management solutions. If you want to get the most out of your visit and treatment at […]

Upper Back Pain Recovery

Upper back pain can be reversed by aligning the upper body for postural balance. Here are a few simple things you can do yourself at home using things you might have around the house. Using a rolled up towel and a ball, you can lengthen the muscles of the chest and soften the upper back […]


What to expect in your initial visit: Upon your first visit, you will undergo a thorough postural assessment and consultation with specific self care education for your recovery. Included in your first 90 minute visit, you will receive a treatment plan and recovery program to help you self manage any chronic and or acute pain […]

How to Train without Pain

The 1st and most important aspect of training longevity is to maintain muscles length. Stretching to keep flexibility is so important for training recovery AND preparation. Warming up and cooling down are essential in training and work outs, so remember to give yourself sufficient time to do both each time time you train. The 2nd key to […]

6 Steps to Reverse Posture Related Pain

As a Myotherapist and people seek my help when pain develops from postural dysfunction and injury. Here are 6 simple and practical ways I frequently recommend my clients routinely use to gain the most from their body and prevent the ongoing need for medical intervention and drugs for pain. 1. Sleep on your back Side […]

The Value of Stretching

The power of stretching is often greatly underestimated. Often people can be unaware of the need to spend sufficient time holding stretches correctly and gently, so as to gain the full potential possible from their routine. All stiffness and pain in the muscles is experienced as a result of poor blood flow, circulation and range of […]

Self Care for Pain Management

Approaching the colder weather (as we are here in Melbourne) increases the need for self care dramatically! So many people suffer with cold related pain due to the fact that with the cold, comes muscular stiffness. Pain in general is a “cold” type of condition where stagnation persists. This is something that Myotherapy works wonders […]